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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 08 January 2016 at 14:26:04

Artist: ICE
Title: Precipitation
BPM: 167
Filesize: 7784kb
Play Time: 01:46
Difficulties Available:
  1. Advance (2.12 stars, 136 notes)
  2. Expert (5.46 stars, 595 notes)
  3. Hyper (3.33 stars, 280 notes)

Download: ICE - Precipitation
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Advance (2.12*) - This is the easiest difficulty. It follow the rhythm of the song following the lead. It also very basic. However it not exactly easy as there is a stream slider in there. But there only one so I doubt it will be hard but should be somewhat challenging.

Hyper (3.33*) - This is the next hardest difficulty. It follow the drums side of the effect. The basis of the note streams come from the cytus setout on easy. it should provide a challenge but It isn't that hard to SS it. But just be mindful of the layout. Now more like they Hyper diff.

Expert (5.46*) - The Hardest difficulty. This basis on the fact that this song love it stream, and well since it came from ICE it should be expected. It take the bais of advance and hyper and throw in steams which very in length to throw you of. But with enough practice an FC will be reachable, just memorised the streams and you should be able to pass it. *24/11* Ok now it harder for some reason as i made a few edit to the a bit of the notes and I've change some note spacing as well. It should be better to pass it now. 25/11 Massive reconstructing. 27/11 fix a part so that the strong sound has a note. and fix some minor thing like add jumps and so on. 30/11 Added sound effects.

All difficulty has a special sound effect. Relating to the song ofc.

24/11/15 - Update all 3 difficulty and make clean-up to the entire notes of expert. And finish some basic stuff that I should have done *blush*
hiya! | apologies for the short mod (late night), I'll edit this post whenever possible

  1. Fix title (Precipitation)
  2. Check and fix errors found in AiMod [Ctrl+Shift+A] (All 3 difficulties)

  1. 00:17:738 (2); Remove this and extend 00:17:559 (1) to fill up the gap; it felt fairly awkward to play
  2. 00:20:702 (5); Circle isn't mapped to anything, doesn't contribute to the song
  3. 01:16:122 (1) - 01:18:277 (1); I feel like you could've played with the spacing more here, the piano really intensifies
    For example, what you did from 00:43:068 (5) - 00:44:864 (1)
  4. 01:03:906 (3) - 01:05:164 (10); A gradual increase in spacing here would emphasize the crescendo so well
  5. 01:06:062 (3) - 01:07:319 (10); ditto^
22:50 *firedigger is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/827123 ICE - Precipitation]
22:51 Nitronic Techno: is it?
22:51 firedigger: .
22:53 firedigger: .
22:55 Nitronic Techno: ok i fixed it you can talk noww
22:55 firedigger: .
22:56 Nitronic Techno: now
22:57 firedigger: .
22:57 firedigger: much better
22:57 Nitronic Techno: yep
22:57 firedigger: have you actually shown your [Expert] to a appropriate rank player?
22:57 Nitronic Techno: yes
22:58 firedigger: did they consider it playable?
22:58 Nitronic Techno: yep
22:58 Nitronic Techno: manage to get an A
22:58 firedigger: well, those are different thing
23:00 firedigger: 00:26:002 (1) - why not make it a reversed slider?
23:01 Nitronic Techno: is that expert diff
23:01 firedigger: 00:26:810 (5) - you missed a note here
23:01 firedigger: yes
23:02 Nitronic Techno: so fo 00:26:002 like this? http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020575
23:03 Nitronic Techno: or one silder
23:03 firedigger: hm
23:03 firedigger: it sounds like reversed slider
23:03 firedigger: but 2 sliders is also a way to put it
23:04 firedigger: 00:31:032 (2,3,4) - that doesn't look right
23:04 Nitronic Techno: yep
23:04 Nitronic Techno: why is it not acceptable?
23:05 firedigger: not only zero-stacks are highly arguable
23:05 firedigger: the piano sound gets quicker
23:05 firedigger: and doesn't actually map into the sliders you provide
23:07 Nitronic Techno: i can change that into a stream?
23:07 Nitronic Techno: would that be more prefered
23:09 Nitronic Techno: so it be more like this http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020599
23:09 firedigger: I think the first slider should stay
23:09 firedigger: 00:30:852 (1) -
23:11 Nitronic Techno: but remove the second
23:11 Nitronic Techno: and make it longer
23:11 firedigger: ha?
23:12 firedigger: 00:31:032 (2) - just the streaming starting here sounds good
23:12 firedigger: and first slider left as it
23:12 firedigger: is*
23:12 Nitronic Techno: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020619 like this then
23:13 firedigger: looks good
23:13 firedigger: 00:33:008 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - are you sure a raw stream here is a good idea?
23:13 firedigger: it's realisticly inaudible
23:13 Nitronic Techno: drum effect
23:13 firedigger: but there are clear drums 1/1, then 1/2
23:13 firedigger: they could be mapped
23:14 Nitronic Techno: no there 1/4 drum coming in at that time
23:14 firedigger: well, there is some background 1/4 thing
23:14 firedigger: but it is inaudible
23:14 firedigger: the first part of the stream is deaf
23:15 firedigger: 00:45:942 (1) - I don't hear anything in this note
23:15 firedigger: ha, actually there are sounds
23:15 Nitronic Techno: it the sound change on the 1/4 music that there
23:16 Nitronic Techno: it suppose to be a rest rom the piano
23:16 Nitronic Techno: until it comes back
23:16 firedigger: yeah, okay
23:16 firedigger: but
23:16 firedigger: 00:48:098 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - the piano here is still low volume
23:16 firedigger: the spacing should be consistent with it
23:17 firedigger: should be reduced
23:17 firedigger: 01:01:930 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) - here it is done correctly for example
23:22 Nitronic Techno: fix that
23:22 Nitronic Techno: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020669
23:23 firedigger: 00:36:241 (1) - are you sure that placing slider here is a good idea?
23:25 Nitronic Techno: no i though i moved that now that i look over it
23:25 firedigger: 01:01:391 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - are you sure it's 1/4, not 1/6?
23:26 Nitronic Techno: for 00:36:241 (1) - http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020679 that what it is now
23:27 firedigger: yeah, looks better, although I'd move it a bit higher
23:27 firedigger: so the slider start is literally on the stream flow
23:28 Nitronic Techno: and for 01:01:391 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - i place it at 1/4 so that the transition from 1/4 to 1/6 and then back to 1/4 could affect players
23:29 firedigger: place it at 1/4?
23:29 firedigger: I am saying the stream is 1/3
23:29 firedigger: while in your map it's 1/4
23:29 Nitronic Techno: 00:36:241 (1) - http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020696
23:29 firedigger: 1/6*
23:31 Nitronic Techno: so you want it this https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020704 for 01:01:391 (1,2,3,4,5,6) -
23:31 firedigger: 01:24:744 (1) - I don't like that in this sections the strong sound is always on slider end, that's doesn't feel good
23:31 firedigger: well, I do not insisnt on sliders, but I like the fact that it's 1/6 now
23:33 firedigger: brb
23:33 Nitronic Techno: and 01:24:744 (1) - wut?
23:35 firedigger: take the end of this slider
23:35 firedigger: for example
23:35 firedigger: it has strong sound
23:35 firedigger: just like 01:25:553 (2) -
23:36 Nitronic Techno: so you want make that quiter?
23:36 Nitronic Techno: quieter*
23:36 firedigger: nope, I think that slider should end earlier
23:36 firedigger: for there to be a note at the strong sound
23:37 firedigger: ending on the red tick for example
23:37 firedigger: looong slider are generally not preferable
23:38 Nitronic Techno: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020734 more likr this?
23:40 firedigger: 01:25:553 (4) - why is a note here anyway?
23:41 firedigger: 01:25:283 (2,3,4) - I would prefer this all being note themselves (no slider ends)
23:41 firedigger: for exmaple just 3 notes
23:43 firedigger: 01:09:385 (6,7,8,1) - I think this spacing is slightly too much, easy to miss, even for top players
23:44 Nitronic Techno: so you wnat 01:24:744 (1,2,3,4,5) - http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020753
23:44 firedigger: looks like a good idea
23:44 firedigger: kinda jumps
23:45 firedigger: and it the next similar places
23:45 Nitronic Techno: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4020758 01:09:385 (6,7,8,1) -
23:45 firedigger: also, I would recommend polishing stream shapes
23:45 firedigger: to make them rounder where possible
23:46 firedigger: 00:49:175 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - this piece for exmaple
23:46 firedigger: 00:52:140 (10,11,12) - and these 3 notes should be ascending (complementing the circle)
23:47 Nitronic Techno: ik but i need some hard turns
23:47 firedigger: do you?
23:47 firedigger: a circle look hard enough
23:47 firedigger: 00:55:912 (4) - this note is a bit off the line
23:48 Nitronic Techno: no no that i change
23:48 Nitronic Techno: but the rest would need somewhat of a hard turn even it appears 2 times
23:49 firedigger: 01:18:637 (1,2,3,4) - fix those too
23:51 Nitronic Techno: 01:18:277 (1,1,2,3,4) - fix it's starts from where it left off
23:51 firedigger: I mean fixing the shape
23:51 firedigger: to be round
23:52 firedigger: 01:11:092 (5) - here I would make a 1/2 slider
23:52 firedigger: you can use it to reverse direction for the next stream
23:53 Nitronic Techno: 01:11:092 (1) - that shouldn't
23:54 Nitronic Techno: it should be 1/4 following the piano
23:54 Nitronic Techno: unless your talking another diff.
23:54 firedigger: just the piano gets really low volume there while 1/2 drums are heard
23:54 firedigger: and let's be honest
23:54 firedigger: everything that is not a 1/4 stream
23:54 firedigger: would complement map's variety
21:04 firedigger: the map looks better now, but what happened to 01:22:589 (1,2,3,4,5) - for example?
21:08 Nitronic Techno: it just to calm down after the stream bonanza in the middle i show you it and you agreed
21:08 firedigger: why is the strong sound missing?
21:09 firedigger: 01:21:511 (3) -
21:10 Nitronic Techno: wut?
21:10 Nitronic Techno: this 01:29:056 (1) -
21:12 firedigger: m?
21:12 *firedigger is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/827123 ICE - Precipitation [Expert]]
21:12 Nitronic Techno: yea ik your doing that
21:12 firedigger: there is a strong sound at the point I linked
21:12 firedigger: which had a note in the prev. version
21:13 firedigger: and it has nothing to do with the note you linked me
21:13 Nitronic Techno: link it again
21:13 firedigger: 01:21:511 (3) - note here is missing
21:14 Nitronic Techno: before or after the note of where it at
21:14 Nitronic Techno: saying note here is missing but there is a note is very confusing
21:14 firedigger: check the time
21:14 firedigger: it can't link to a note that's missing
21:15 firedigger: not sure where you editor points then
21:15 firedigger: but you can determine what time point I am talking about
21:15 Nitronic Techno: no when you link me it want to the note what the number did
21:15 Nitronic Techno: so your saying at the time which you link there should be a note
21:16 firedigger: it has a strong sound, like on (2)
21:16 firedigger: on the white tick
21:16 Nitronic Techno: what do ou mean it has a strong sound? it all the same
21:17 firedigger: a sound that needs a note
21:17 firedigger: while there's no note
21:19 Nitronic Techno: ok so i change it so that the strong sound in that section has a note
21:19 firedigger: I'll show you a pic of what I would make myself in that part
21:20 Nitronic Techno: here what i did http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4030892
21:23 firedigger: ha
21:23 firedigger: I don't even have to make a screenshot
21:24 firedigger: you see this? 00:00:673 (1,2,3,4) -
21:24 firedigger: here are 3 notes on the strong sounds
21:24 Nitronic Techno: like that?
21:24 Nitronic Techno: well yea
21:25 Nitronic Techno: it the START
21:25 Nitronic Techno: if you showed that example i would have fix it
21:26 firedigger: I just didn't notice that it is the same part as in the start of the song
21:26 firedigger: but do give you another example
21:26 Nitronic Techno: yep
21:26 firedigger: http://puu.sh/lAKnd/ab153a27ee.jpg
21:27 firedigger: here I emphasize 4 strong sounds
21:27 firedigger: instead of 3
21:27 firedigger: because I don't really like a strong sound being on the end of the slider
21:27 firedigger: but it's up to you
21:27 firedigger: just a matter of variety
21:29 Nitronic Techno: so can i do it like this
21:29 Nitronic Techno: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4030940
21:30 Nitronic Techno: and the next one be different
21:30 Nitronic Techno: and the next
21:30 Nitronic Techno: and the nex
21:30 firedigger: seems good
21:30 firedigger: after I noticed that it's you first map, I was surprised at how good it actually is for the level of complexity that an [Extra] should have
21:32 firedigger: 00:17:828 (1,2,3) - here I feel that a jump is needed before the piano starts. So maybe make slider shorter and place the stream farther
21:33 Nitronic Techno: it not my first map
21:33 Nitronic Techno: IT IS however the first map that someone has modded
21:34 firedigger: have you thought of ranking a map before?
21:35 Nitronic Techno: idk t/386267 in here someone posted on that part as well and said " ?00:17:738 (2); Remove this and extend 00:17:559 (1) to fill up the gap; it felt fairly awkward to play "
21:36 firedigger: I do not suggest removing the slider
21:37 Nitronic Techno: can you picture how you would like to see it
21:37 firedigger: yep
21:37 firedigger: http://puu.sh/lAKYX/a4c3410a59.jpg
21:37 firedigger: that's my opinion
21:37 Nitronic Techno: because alot of people who test before that post and after suggest to keep that
21:38 Nitronic Techno: oh you widen the spacing
21:38 firedigger: the slider sound is kind of pause before the drop
21:39 Nitronic Techno: is this good? tell me if you want it longer or shorter. http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4031009
21:39 Nitronic Techno: the jump ofc
21:39 firedigger: looks good
21:40 firedigger: it's not like I know what is best
21:40 Nitronic Techno: ok
21:40 firedigger: I just have a feeling
21:40 Nitronic Techno: ik i get that as well
21:41 Nitronic Techno: because i though about ranking a map however I felt like i should wait until i done some good mapping experience and then help
21:43 Nitronic Techno: ok it updated now
21:43 Nitronic Techno: also stop missing word in the sentence you will confus-
21:44 firedigger: 00:11:631 (2,3,4) - I am not really a fan of such "quiet" triples which are barely heard, I would space them in as the corresponding sound is quite and background
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