DDR Club Version osu!mania Beatmaps Pack

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DanceDanceRevolution CLUB VERSION Beatmaps Pack
(for osu!mania only)

Click here to download the whole pack (also including earlier DDR 2ndMIX songs)

This is the beatmap pack containing the rest of the DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX songs, released in form of CLUB VERSIONS. Nearly all of the songs are taken from the beatmania and beatmania IIDX games, showing DDR players how the BEMANI songs were when the series began as a whole.

[UPDATE 5-31-2016] Some of the songs are now intro-skippable. BG effect bugs were fixed.
[UPDATE 12-29-2016] "Jam Jam Reggae" now has the DDR EXTREME BG-effect sequence.
[UPDATE 3-18-2019] "PARANOiA MAX (DIRTY MIX)(CLUB ANOTHER SIDE)" added, and all of 2ndMIX and Club Version are combined into a single osu!mania Beatmaps Pack.
Kasaga Yui
thank u so muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You're very welcome, Yui. I have made another update to include the missing track and combine both 2ndMIX and Club Version songs into a single pack.
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