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- K e n -
Request changed to nexus :P
[ Nexus ]

투명화했습니다! 새해 복 많이 받으세요:)

i'm sorry, but i can't make the same user page request for someone else. (I do not speak English well ,sorry)Link
- K e n -
Nexus you are the best <3
• Request to : Nexus
• Banner type : User Page
• Text : HardL1ne's UserPage
• Border : Yes
• Border Color : It's up to you
• Animated : Yes, if it possible
• Size : 623x193
• Image Link :
• Extra : Beautiful effects , please
[- LenoxHD -]
Request to : Nexus
Text : Y (Lenox)
Border : Y
Border Type : Round
Size : 250x250
Image Link: ... 3680832a9c
Extra: Something that would fit the picture

Req to: Nexus
Type: Beatmap banner
Img:G Senjou no Cinderella
Border: no
Img size: two sizes please, one is for the userpage banner size and one more is 421x125
Text: Matsuura Kanan (green colour, for the blue hair). Kurosawa Dia (Red colour, for the dark hair), Ohara Mari (Purple Colour, for the blonde), G Senjou no Cinderella
Gif: yeah (just don't make it too complicated, simple is better)
Extras: I trust in you :v
Hi :3

Request to : Nexus
Text : Y ( Sora for the boy And Virtue for the girl )
Border : N
Border Type :
Size : 128x128 both
Image Link : ... 516914.jpg
Extra : umm.. its a collab avatar... i will leave it up to you =w=)b

Thank you so much xD
Request to : Nari
Banner Type : Twitch Overlay
Text : Y - Vax
Size : Steam resolution is 1080
Main Color : Green or Light Blue (whatever works best)
Image Link : Anything Cute Lol
Extra : My osu resolution is 1920x1080 (borderless)
Thanks a ton c:
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : Signature
Text : Y - "Remember, everything is accessible. You just have to wait for it." - TheMadCharles
Border : Y - Solid Line
Border Color : Red, transparent
Animated : N
Size : 705x146
Image Link : HERE, blurred please
Extra : Use This render at the left side
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : User Page
Text : young forever
Border : idk
Animated : text not animated (put the text at bottom middle)
Size : keep same size thank you
Image Link:

(if you can)
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : UserPage
Text : erik
Image Link:
[ Nexus ]
[- LenoxHD -]
Thanks alot Nexus, i'll be using that tomorrow morning
wow Thank you so much owo

Edit: i will start using it on friday <3
i will just wait for my friend...

[ Nexus ] wrote:

it looks better than what i think, thanks
Request to : Konoha Nexus
Banner Type :Signature
Text : Y (at Extra)
Border : N
Border Color :
Animated : N
Size : 650x150
Image Link : (not sure this is good)
Extra : can put link with "Youtube" and the bottom left or bottom right (depending which is nice). (youtube: and the others, is up to you

Thanks :)

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thanks! Can I use this link directly on my sig?
Thanks a lot Nexus
  Avatar Form
Request to : Nexus
Text : Yes
Border : Yes
Border Type : Normal
Size : 128 x 128 (or if possible, 256 x 256)
Image Link :
Extra :
      Banner Form
Request to : Konoha Request changed to Nari
Banner Type : User Page / Signature / Other (the signature has to be Tarisiki cause that is my first name thank you)
Text : Yes
Border : Yes
Border Color : It's all up to you
Animated : Yes
Size : 616 x 260
Image Link :
Extra : Don't be scared!!
Topic Starter
by mistake, i deleted photoshop. so I can't work for a while. sorry.

*changed my status active > inactive
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