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Problem Details: Few days ago I started noticing that I my mouse started "blocking" at first I thought it was becouse of my hand so next day as always I started to play osu! the problem accured yet again . I asked my irl friend about it and showed replay he said that he had the same issues with osu! I found out that that disabling raw input fixes the problem . I use mouse ( A4tech X750 Green Fire ) with 2000dpi , raw input and osu! sens set to 1x to play the game

Replay showing the problem: http://puu.sh/kbpED/60dfcd1d81.osr ( beatmap - https://osu.ppy.sh/b/281843 ) Few misses are my fault but for example 2nd brake of combo by miss ( got 265 combo then broke after that got 200+ combo and missed slider bcs of cursor freeze ) there are 2 or 3 explames of same issue on this replay

If anything is not visiable on replay I can enable raw input play few maps and send replays as can my friend ( video recording isn't an option becouse of my low pc specification )

Same issue confirmed in cutting edge and beta , possible also in stable release but don't have any proof ( replay or anything )

Any nessasary logs can be delivered if needed

osu! version: 20150914.12cuttingedge - tested also on newest build
I don't think there is anything we can do if raw input doesn't function correctly on certain devices. We have working raw input code. Any strange behaviour wouldn't be caused by the client.

Do you have any other mice to compare behaviour with?
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I have around 3 mouses in house : 1 - That I use currently ( A4tech X7 Green Fire ) , my old one ( A4tech X7 Snake Fire ) and some random wireless mouse if needed I can test it with my old mouse .

I also say it again - The same behaviour was observed on different mouse ( A4tech Bloody v7) and completely different machine .

Also there is possibility that problem is only appearing on A4tech mouses but I don't have anything to compare since I my wireless mouse have low dpi and wireless is having heavy input delay
You will probably have to live with it for the time being. I have no insights on how to resolve your issue, and there are known issues with raw input that have been attributed as being problems with raw input itself and there isn't anything we can do about those things. You should turn off raw input if you experience problems with it.
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