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Request to: Luisina ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
osu! resolution: 1680x1050 ( If you can make a window for Osu! In this way )
Camera resolution: No
Player name: Yes
Chat box: No
Now playing box: No
Recent follower box: No
Recent donation box: No
Character / Anime: No
Background: or

-Thank you very much and good luck!
What character?
and the size is too many big, are you sure?. ;_;

The image is blurred. .-.

In progress:

Hello :3

Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Twitter cover (i guess you mean twitter header?)
Text: Yes| Surreal
Size: 1500 x 500
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Gray
Form: Rectangle
Any suggestions: Could you try and focus on those 2 heads if possible? and also, could you put Surreal in between those 2?
Here ill give an example of what im trying to say (this was for a youtube banner):
i edited my request ^^'
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Luisina wrote:


XxCrystal wrote:


Luisina wrote:

Awesome, Thanks Luisina! :)

XxCrystal wrote:

What character?
and the size is too many big, are you sure?. ;_;

The image is blurred. .-.

In progress:

I tried to get it in the best quality i could oh well
Ill edit my request with the image i cropped it from and tell you which one i wanted if it helps
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: ''Kin''
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: normal/cut/dotted line
Form: Rounded
Any suggestions: For border, choose which looks best for u !
ty so much!! :)

YES This IS what i meant THANK YOU :):):):):):):):):):):):)
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar collab
Text: Yes (lupuGG on right left girl and DJ Lupuji on left girl
Size: Usual avatar for osu size
Animation: No
Image link: ... 9519b2.jpg
Border: Something smooth
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc) : We would like a font that fits in with the characters, might sound weird, >..< thanks !
Request to: Luisina
Type: avatar
Text: Yes / EXCROBY
Size: 195 X 195
Animation: Yes / No
Image link:
Border: cut line
Form: square
Any suggestions: size 195x195 please :)
Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes / Steph
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: Here.
Border: No Border

Extra: Usa una linda fuente.
Request to: Luisina
Type: Signature
Text: Yes; "We call everything on the ice love"
Size: Usual size
Animation: Yes; would like the text to be animated (your choice how you wanna animate it)
Image link: (its actually a gif lol) Left Gif: Right Pic: Right Gif: (i can't choose between the pic or the gif pls choose for me [size=50]sorry to bother[/size])
Border: No Border
Form: Square/Rectangle
Any suggestions: Take your time :)
Blue Crimson
request to luisina
type: user page
text1: Blue Crimson (right corner and please use red and blue for my user name)
text2: In order for a mediocre man to defeat a genius, he has to become a monster. (center of the image)
Size: 623 x 192
Image link:
Border: Internal
suggestions: some golden stardust or something like that
Userpage Banner

Link : ... FV18H_ZLGM:

Text : 1 Kurusama ( The girl with the red hair)

Text : 2 -Kumiho- ( the girl with the Withe hair )

and can you make 2 avtar of them for me and Kurusama

Me The girl withe withe hair

Text : Kumiho

Border pick if you want

size 128x128

and the girl withe red hair

Text Kurusama

Broder : Pick if you want

size 128x128

I hope you can do that ;) ty
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: yuuch
Size: 128x128 (and 500×500)
Animation: No
Image link: link
Border: Cut line
Form: Square
Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Blade and Soul profile picture (don't know if you want to do something other then osu)
Text: Yes (Mieczy)
Size: 378x620p (w x h)
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: something in this style if possible:
Form: rectangle
suggestion: Can you take the same or similar font for the text as my osu avatar?
I don't know if its possible but if you could take part of this image for the background:
(haqua would be covering the blue ball mostly)
could be I'm asking for a lot here ^^"

Luisina wrote:

Thank you =3
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