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My channel is actually in mah profile, but here's the link anyway :) : ... 3JXHMfHBTw
Underforest ... cS7CZ3azpA

My channel is about spanish animated fandubs
-NikoNiko- ... QY9ppV0haQ Since why not. Made a pause but now I'm starting again

I'm not very good at osu but i put some videos up to share with friends.
If it doesn't have to be osu channel then this is mine :)
Not much of a channel just a bunch of osu! dev testing videos that I made public ... OXuEyq02eA
Just started uploading Osu! videos, dont expect anything 'good', only played 5 months
mokyu ... nXqfl1IQMQ

I'm that kid with 200K+ views on one of my videos. xd
I've been looking for this XD ... rSSKMIQiHg
Been looking at you guys as well to be fair. You're pretty cool
I make a beatmapping series, were i suck at beatmapping and show it to the world (named i'm bad at beatmapping lol great title)
I'm also thinking about making a series were i try to find out how op dt really is.
And i also post whatever the fuck i come up with
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