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00:24:045 (7) - end at 00:24:484

00:24:045 (3) - end at 00:24:484
this would be funny? :D

03:06:191 (1) - set a red line at 03:06:097(186,097 ms),235BPM. then finish the spinner at 03:09:926.
^I'm not sure about it...before you fix it ask another modder.
Umm, Title should be Matoryoshika (Use capitalized letter just on the M) and artist Hatsune Miku , GUMI
Not sure...
If you want to change be sure to read this first viewtopic.php?f=56&t=24443 :3
Here's my mod.

Red = Check this Blue = Suggestion

- Shouldn't Artist be [Hatsune Miku and Megpoid Gumi]?

Well, that was quite nice. A few minor spacing inconsistencies and I'd like more combos, but nothing critically wrong. Good job.

Nothing bad here, either.

I suggest mapping all of the beatmap, like you did in Insane.

shorten the distance between some of the jumps, maybe? Nothing big here.

I suggest mapping all of the beatmap, like you did in Insane.

Why is this the longest difficulty? Each beatmap should be the same length, in an ideal world.

So yeah. It's an awesome mapset; the only thing I recommend is to map the rest of Normal and Hard. Easy can probably be let go because Easy, but yeah.

Have a well earned star.
Blue: Sugestion. Not necessary, but should take good effects.
Green: Notification or cosmetic thing. May, but don't have to be fixed.
Orange: Should be fixed.
Red: Have to be fixed.

  1. Backgrounds are very colorful, and they can be little confusing (especially on hard). Little reducing of brightness and contrast would be great in my opinion.


Also cool.

  1. 01:34:288 (1) - Remove new combo here.

  1. Sometimes you're overusing new combos like here 02:21:118 (1), and here 03:11:543 (1).
  2. Hmmm. It plays more naturally when Approach Rate -1.

Great job. And cool song. :3 Starrr'd :D
自分勝手に色を選びました、好きなら使ってもいいです> <
Combo1 : 248,223,54
Combo2 : 120,197,16
Combo3 : 56,194,224
Combo4 : 230,6,6
205 4740
210 181,530
225 186,080
245 188,205
260 190,175
280 193,855
290 196,420

00:14:093 (5) - なぜここだけ遠いなの?4にもっと近くしてほうがいいなのに...
01:03:703 (5) - 左上1grid 3にもっと近づく
01:28:435 (3,4,1,2,3) - 3と1は同じ線にならんでください 実際ここのDSは1.35なので、shiftやaltと同時に押して、DSを調整した後noteをきれいに並んでください

00:13:362 (2,3,4,5,6) - きれいに見えないと思う。shiftを押して、noteをゆくり移動して並んでください
00:14:752 (5) - finsh?
00:36:191 (1,2,3,4,5) - ここもあんまりきれいに見えない...
00:53:752 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - 1と3と5や2と4と6の間の距離は違います
00:55:654 (2) - 1と同じ線に並ぶほうがいいと思います
02:37:508 (8) - 右上1gird

;) この曲が好き
:o 下手な日本語ですいません
Hey :)

  1. Your offset feels late. I got Offset: 4,736
  2. Put "Vocaloid" in the source, and put "Hachi" in the tags? People who make Vocaloid songs usually put Vocaloid in the source, and anything else goes the tags


A boring easy, since everything is all on straight lines and there isn't any interesting patterns going on, but it's functional, I guess.


Much more interesting than Easy. It could still use less straight lines though. Nothing specifically bothered me in this.


Muuuch harder than Normal. Feels more like an Insane to me :(

00:39:849 (3) - Delete the 0.5xBPM bit? I don't see where it fits at all. It comes out at random to me.
01:36:045 (3) - ^


Nice Background

That said though, I can't say I like your jumps. There's a lot of jumps, and nearly all don't fit in to me (Like 00:18:776 (1,2,3,4), 00:36:191 (1,2,3,4,5), 01:45:557 (1,2,3,4) to name a few). Most, if not all don't work for me. I find them really awkward and annoying. Many new mappers seem to like them though :cry:

00:42:118 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - Replace this stream with something else? This doesn't work for me, since there isn't anything to map the stream too, so it feels very awkward to play.
01:38:313 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - ^

Overall, it's a solid map, but like many maps I mod, I don't like the Insane. Too jumpy for me, and it doesn't really need all those jumps, but the other difficulties were alright though. It's just Insane.

GO GO Megpoid :)
awsome map
insane is awsome as it is.

Catch one from me :3

Remember these are just suggestions you can totally ignore~

No problems here!

No problems here!

No problems here! Though feels a bit overmapped for a Hard...

- OD9 blaaaaargh
- Holy crap... Reduce the Drain please!! D:

00:36:199 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4) - This is a complete mess... ;_;
01:23:028 (1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4) - ^
02:30:638 (x) - Add a break here?

Hard can be a lot easier, and Insane is just so crazy, I don't think OD9 + jumps like those are fun, but it's just an opinion...
Good Luck!
Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with studies ><

Set slider tick rate equal in all diff?
delete.osb and full submit

01:19:809 (2,3) - I'm not sure about this kind of jumps >.< (there's a few more like this one through the map.
01:22:296 (5,6,7) - Jumps like this one make more sense for me. In this jump set, the combo look unify, but in the previous the combo looks split up, and is kinda confusing for me.
01:38:321 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - this stream doesn't flow with the music imo >.<
Just for the record: I couldn't test this one properly due to difficulty ;_;

Hard, Normal & Easy
aww >.< why finished it so suddenly?? :<
why not map the rest, like you did in insane?
apart from that, all good!

is a good map set =3

First, check Beuchi-chan' reply one more time. You didn't give a kudos. Or explain why you didn't give a kudos D:
And about tag, (what Doomsday had already mentioned) there's no definition of setting "vocaloid" as a source. So I'll discuss it with another BATs~

Map is cool anyway
Russian doll! Yeah! ^^ I like this
Star :3
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