The most angry you have gotten at osu!

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The most angry I've gotten is when I said "fuck" too loud and got grounded... im 24.
their was this map i continously retried for hours once and knew i could fc it but the chokes was so hard i ended up just deleting it cause it enraged me so hard, and then my friend sends me an request to play for him like a month later.. yeah its that map im just about to fc on the last 2 notes i miss and i die automatically.. out of shock i dont understand why then i see i had sudden death on..



fml deleted map again n quit for like a week
I destroyed a keyboard, 3 mice on my whole osu career and that's about it.
Not really angry, but I usually get upset...

If you're asking me atm. Now I can't play anything (in osu!) cuz' of my current left hand not work well for these past months. Kind of make me upset...
For my old-self, when shitmiss near the end of the song or getting low acc I usually get upset.
i get pretty furious everyday that im not streaming any better than i was 2 years ago

i feel like aqo except im too stubborn to quit
If I can keep my anger bottled up, I sit back in my chair and just stare at the ceiling while my pulse is so strong and rapid it makes my head bob back and forth with each beat because my blood is at the boiling point. If I can't handle it, I slam my desk a few times, contemplate breaking my pen before I throw it at the wall while saying fuck fuck fuck fuck over and over. Fun game.
At the end of the level where the last note (which is a spinner 3*) I got PISED (not raged once ever in Osu) and later laughed
I once threw my mouse at the monitor and they both broke
playing aoi eir ignite
When playing the same song over 300 times and shitmiss every single firetrucking one of them.

And I know that I can play the map perfectly, because it's that single miss that separates me and a SS score
I don't really rage much at this game, but when I do, it's usually when I retry the same song for FC after a shitmiss and keep missing in the first 20 seconds over and over after previously having no issues with it.
Shino Inuzuka
When you are fcing an extremely hard map and you've been trying to for AGES and you think you finally did it... until you miss the very last note.
when u made a mistake right before the song went into a slow rhythm part, and you know you're fucked
when you playing madness map. expectation you can do it but reallita... duh... TL_T
slammed keyboard, broke one mice, that's it pretty much

Jojoha wrote:

My rage cycle still happens

-plays easy song for pp
-miss easy note
-miss easy note again
-gets angry
-retry and miss again
-retry and miss more
-then i lose my ability to think logically and smash the first thing i can see
-rage quit
-comes back 1 day later and repeat
when i'm at a multi fcing a really hard map and accidentally exit the lobby.
I'm raging when I'm underperforming a lot, like way worse than usual. Happens once every bluemoon, but I feel sorry for my osu! "friends" who'll have to bear me then lmfao.

That's all about it, I usually play for skill and fun, so any mistake will be a lesson and if I play for fun I couldn't care less.
Xeno. I tried over and over and over trying to FC the map I got so mad I stopped playing osu! competitively for a while (a year) I guess I don't get visibly angry anymore. I have broken anything over osu! Maybe the worst thing I did was smash my and on the desk but that's nothing.
I missed six times by the halfway point of this map because my computer likes to lag for a split-second occasionally and break my streak. Turns out, going into fullscreen mode solved it. But I was pretty annoyed. I don't think I've ever gotten truly angry at this game, though. Usually it's just disappointment/awkward laughter if I mess up.
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