IGZ Summer Open (19.7. & 26.7.) (50k->)

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InfinityGamerZ Presents Summer Open for players over 50k rank

Group Phase schedule
Summer Open will be started sunday 19th with group phase, finals will be played week later on 26th day.
1v1 tournament for medium experienced competitive players
Tournament is for 16 players (if more will check in, we can expand the tournament up to 32 players)
Tournament is designed for players of 50k-120k rank. (if less than 16 register, ill open that up a bit)
Map difficulty will range from 3 stars -> 4,5 stars. Mappool for knockout stage WILL be harder


- Tournament will be played in 2 stages, Group phase and Single Elimination Bracket ( will be found on challonge/google docs)
- Match times: Group phase 19.7. 18:00 GMT →
Knockout 26.7. 18:30 GMT ->
- Players should decide which one creates room
- Room Name: IGZOT [Player A - Player B]
- Room should be locked with a password
- No extra players are allowed in the room, apart tournament moderator
- Respect your opponent
- Group phase will be played with ”Korean elimination” style (4player Double elim w/o grand final)
- Both players may choose 1 (One) Warm-up map each, MAP DOESNT HAVE TO BE PART OF THE MAPPOOL
- If player doesn't show up until 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, will their game be marked as a 4-0 loss
- Groups will be played as Bo5. (Ro16 and) Ro8 will be played as Bo7 Semi-finals and Final will be played as Bo9
- Players must provide the Tournament Moderator with Multiplayer Link + bans
- The player with higher !roll will start the ban/pick Phase
- During Group phase both players are allowed to ban 2 (Two) Map each. During Ro16 and Ro8 both players are allowed to ban 2 (Two) maps. During Semi-finals and Finals both players are allowed to ban 3 (Three) Maps.
- Players are allowed to pick a maximum of 1 (One) maps from each pool, with the exception of semi-finals and finals, where players are allowed to pick a maximum of 2 (Two) maps from each pool
- In case of tie (3-3,4-4) a Tie-Breaker map will be played (Pre-Determined)
- Each map is played with their respective mods, NoMod = no mods, HR = Hardrock etc...
- If player is over 50k ranked while doing the registration, even if he/she after that goes below 50k, player is allowed to play, IF player goes below 45k will he/she be disqualified from the tournament
- While playing FM (freemod) map, player has to use ATLEAST one mod (HD/HR/FL)
- Having fun is MANDATORY!!! (As always)
1. Nyaoh
2. przepson
3. TasticTactics
4. -[ Sakamoto ]-
5. nefthorn
6. Princesswell
7. Rassyy
8. FullDex
9. Satellite97
10. DorSko974000
11. CrsTramorio
12. Th4d12
13. Veroxx
14. LuihGi
15. Parrell
16. ShadowFalkon
17. Linkel
18. Isuze
19. Fidge Gunkhause
20. Suhun
21. Azer Junior
22. Manny-
23. Sodom987
24. Valkoria
25. LoLeG
26. u4iha
27. Fakeburst
28. GhostOfDarkness
29. hanesgaz
30. firevanburn
31. KroJIuK1
Each player who wants to join should fill this :

Player Name:
Current Rank:
Favourite Map?:

Registration closes on 18th day
Looking for possibly refs for knockout stage

Most likely no prize this time (someone sponsor?)
I am the first xD

Player Name: [ -Yuu- ]
Current Rank: #58,880
Nationality: Chilean
Favourite Map?: Camellia - overcomplexfication [Pandemonium] (t/333823)

Player Name: przepson
Current Rank: 51,928
Nationality: Poland
Favourite Map?: Maon Kurosaki - Setsuna no Kajitsuhttps://osu.ppy.sh/b/716401?m=0
Player Name: TasticTactics
Current Rank: 51,327
Nationality: AMERICA
Favorite Map?: Hanatan - Airman ga Taosenai (SOUND HOLIC Ver.) (CRN's Extra) https://osu.ppy.sh/b/338682&m=0
-[ Sakamoto ]-
Player Name: -[ Sakamoto ]-
Current Rank: 63,242 (1,351.55pp)
Nationality: Caucasian, from the USA
Favourite Map?:Mikakuning! - Tomadoi Recipe (TV Size) [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/374841?m=0]
Player Name: nefthorn
Current Rank: 95,436
Nationality: American
Favourite Map?: Reol - Asymmetry https://osu.ppy.sh/s/292077
Player Name: Princesswell
Current Rank: 61,655
Nationality: Finland
Favourite Map?: Halozy - Paranoid Lost https://osu.ppy.sh/b/625985,
Helblinde - Putin's Boner https://osu.ppy.sh/b/708367 or
Floxytek - Dominus https://osu.ppy.sh/b/153935
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Added everyone so far :)
Player Name: StephOsu
Current Rank: 50,655(1606pp)
Nationality: Malaysian
Favourite Map?: Lily - The World's Longest Spinner-Scarlet Rose
Ayano Mashiro - ideal white (TV size) [CXu's Insane]
Isn't the mappool too easy? :?
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Princesswell wrote:

Isn't the mappool too easy? :?
this mappool is for groupphase, so its made that even 100k players can pass all(or atleast most) maps in the pool. The mappool for knockout stage will be quite a lot harder+wider.
Player Name:Rassyy
Current Rank:#55,464
Favourite Map?:ginkiha - EOS https://osu.ppy.sh/s/151720

Player Name: Fulldex
Current Rank: 50,491
Nationality: Lithuania
Favourite Map?: DJ Genericname - Dear You [Dear Rue] https://osu.ppy.sh/s/43466
Player Name: Satellite97
Current Rank: 66k
Nationality: Spain
Favourite Map?: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/647685?m=0
-[ Sakamoto ]-
I'm super hyped, this'll be my first tournament :)
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Added everyone so far, going to be out of town for half of next week, will take laptop W/me tho so will try to update the participant list daily.
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