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We are a group of newbie mappers who would like to improve on our mapping techniques and to help others with their mapping.
Help us help you

Current Modding Method: Cherry Picking
Cherry picking is where mod team members sift through mod requests and picks what they want to mod. This means some requests may be ignored
Rules/Guidelines/Pirate Codex
  1. We only mod osu!Standard
  2. People with no ranked maps may receive better mods
  3. Always check if the queue is open before posting. Otherwise, they will be ignored
  4. Mainly NM but some members may request a M4M
  5. Check each member's rule set for more specific rules
  6. This modding queue will be pretty much open 24/7 (too much. Instead, queue will close after one page of requests), but mod requests that are older than 20 days may be ignored
[ Rizen ]'s Rules
  1. 3:00 drain time is preferred
  2. Only 3 diffs will be modded (maybe more)
  3. NO RAP. (NZ Artist songs will have higher priority for mod consideration)
  4. Won't mod anything I can't play
  5. M4M Map: n/a
_vanity's Rules
  1. Less that 4:00 draintime
  2. Only 2 diffs will be modded
  3. Any genre is fine
  4. M4M map: n/a
[ Pustules ]'s Rules
  1. No rules but must be within reasonable terms. (Rules pending)
  2. M4M Map: n/a
moph's Rules
  1. No rules but must be within reasonable terms.
  2. M4M Map: n/a
Hello! First post yeeeee


Thanks in advance :)
And good luck with your queue!
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Second post yeeeeeeeeeee.


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