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Currect Map That Needs Modding: senya - Though the Scent Lingers, the Flower Scattered (CTB)


I can mod any game mode (maybe)
Mod my map first and I'll mod your map later.
I will not reject any maps because I don't like the music
I will not mod a map that I cannot play (But I will mod any easier difficulties if there are any)

I'll add more rules as I go but for now this seems good enough.

I modded your map a few weeks ago - t/235498&p=4149440 - is it okay if ask for a return mod on this - https://osu.ppy.sh/s/281401 ?
Diff spread is E->I, a mod on anything you can play would be greatly appreciated.

If my mod isn't recent enough or the map/song isn't for you, feel free to ignore this. Either way, good luck with your new queue! :D
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