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Problem Details:
Say I type in "ar>7 od=6" that is exactly what I will get. However if I go into a song and then exit out that text is still typed in yet it the maps aren't actually being filtered by said terms. This just started happening with the latest cutting edge update (10 minutes ago maybe).

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

(3 Image Album)

osu! version: 20150526.1cuttingedge
You should have posted it on this forum since it only happens cuttingedge specific.

Anyways, I can confirm that one.
Issue(s) in this thread have been addressed by the following changes:
  1. Fix search breakage. (TheVileOne)

The changes will be applied to builds newer than b20150526.1cuttingedge.

Please follow up in this thread if you believe more work needs to be done to fix the mentioned issues. If they have not yet been resolved, please provide any new details that may have arisen after this build.
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