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The reason that you request a guest diff is .......

I cannot map a specific difficulty.
23.31% 62
I only like mapping Insane or above.
10.90% 29
To complete mapset.
33.46% 89
To share the song.
10.15% 27
Ensure mapset quality.
21.43% 57
Other reasons (tell me in this Q?)
0.75% 2
Total votes: 266
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Oh hello, I decided to ask around here because I am new. owo~

Type: Normal modding
Artist&Song Name: BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Fly High!!! [TV size]
Length: 1:28 (1:17 drain) [basically TV size.]
Song link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/650129
Song Thread(to make it easier on you): https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/626372
Genre: Anime
Language: Japanese
Difficulty: Both Hard and Normal please lol
oki owo
Comments: I am fairly aware that the timing needs to be fixed but dun know how to, please help me.
my osu failed to let me edit the beatmap again :< anyways delete and cancel
Type: Normal Modding
Song: Donuts Quintet - Platinum Jet
Diff: Normal and Hard ()
Length: 3:58 ( sorry, this rule I don't comply u.u )

Thanx in advance
ay C:

Type: Normal Modding
Song: Kanemoto Hisako & Iwami Manaka & Ookubo Rumi - GAMERS!

Type: GD
Song: ZAQ - Caste Room
Diff: Hard like 3.5 stars or something

thx c:
Open for Guest Diff ONLY.

I will send msg for comfirm.
hi o/

Type: Guest diff
Song: Takahashi Rie, Ozawa Ari, Rhodanthe*, Nanamori-chu*Goraku-bu & Petit Rabbit's - Lolis Short Medley
Diff: can you make Extra? if not, i request Insane

thanks ~
still open
Type:  Guest diff
Song: Inori Minase - Aimai Moko 
Diff: A hard or Insane (you can choose)
thanks! :)
Type: Guest diff
Song: ave;new feat. Sakura Saori - Piste SMILE Non-stop!!
Diff: Insane
thanks in advance!
Guest Diff
Hibana - DECO*27 feat. Hatsune Miku
Diff: Insane or Hard
This map is not shorter than 150 seconds, but I thought I could try anyways. Thanks!
Type: Guest diff
Song: Aqours - Aozora Jumping Heart
Diff: Hard

yes, this song is long - maybe we can collab if you want
hope this is still open

thank you!
Open For Guest diff only

NO Hard diff gd request.

I still have few hard diff request, but I need other diff like Insane diff to motivate me to map.

Type:Guest diff
Song: Artist - Title
Diff: Insane

thx! :)
Type: Guest diff
Song: sweet ARMS - Date A Live
Diff: normal or easy

thx ky
Type: Guest diff
Song: MYTH & ROID - theater D
Diff: Easy, Hard or Insane, your call.

ty :) .
Revived queue!!

Only Guest diff is opened.

Once I read your request, I will reply if I accept or decline through forum message.
GD request please and thank you

Type: Guest diff
Song: Meramipop - Dormuwrudo
Diff: Normal

Remapping the difficulties I made currently so I don't mind waiting ~ Thanks <3
Hello Kyle Y, how are you :) ?

Type: Guest diff
Song: Ito Kashitaro - Kiritorisen
Diff: Normal

Thanks in advance!~
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