Cascada - Dangerous (Nightcore Mix)

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Guest diff done. Hitsounds remain to be made though, I'll have a look later.
Download: Nightcore - Dangerous (Feno) [Odaril's gentle].osu
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Currently working on hitsounds,might want to wait with any modding,at least for hitsounds or anything like that.
Helped for hitsounds :3
Hey i was just checking your beatmap again and stumbled upon a few things:

[Odaril's Gentle]
01:29:277 (1,2) - Out of bounds
Why so many breaks? X_X

02:17:443 (4,5) - Spacing error
02:17:774 (5,1) - Overlapping again on the timeline :<

00:35:650 (1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - Remap this, this is impossible to read, the jumps and note positions are too random.
There's still unever spacing for example: 02:04:533 (4,5,6,1,2,3) The latter 3 have less distancing between them than the first 3.
02:10:988 (2,3) - Oh hi mr spacing error.

Still cant get my star =( keep working on it, and i'll recheck sometime in the future
Mod will come later but please add the real artist of the song (Cascada) to the tags.
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As requested by Odaril, gentle has been removed.
This is a remix. Who is the original artist? I don't know, but whatever it is it should be:

Original Artist - Dangerous (Nightcore Mix)

NotShinta wrote:

Cascada - Dangerous (Nightcore Mix)
Feno, I fixed some old stuff for my diff. offset/BPM fix and added techno to tags..Also removed odaril from tags.

Download: Nightcore - Dangerous (Feno) [Teras' Lethal].osu
[deleted user]
I can help you in the map if you need :)

I dont have ranked maps but is because I never finish maps <-< BUT, I can help in timing, spacing, ideas and testing ^^

Ah, very good song and I think you will rank it with some changes ^^
Såg ingen använd osb men säg till om du bestämmer dig för att använda den för då måste jag ändra bg'n =P

Download: Nightcore - Dangerous (Feno) [Nekoo's Taiko].osu


Nekoo[] wrote:

Såg ingen använd osb men säg till om du bestämmer dig för att använda den för då måste jag ändra bg'n =P
-put a hitcircle approach circle from the template skin in folder
-Ok Odaril is remapping his easy, so I don't need to comment on 3 star thing
-These maps could use some more hitsounds, before 00:26:712 try and add some whistles in a nice pattern. After that when the song picks up it could use some more claps for basically the rest of the song
-Make sure the preview point is the same on every difficulty
-Start the kiai times on the notes themselves, not slightly before them. Also end it on white ticks not blue
-Risky and Dangerous should have the same kiai time
-Make sure all tags are the same

00:10:822 (6) - although it is prob rankable, I don't like this slider overlapping itself like that
00:44:753 (1,2,3,1) - spacing
00:47:815 (1) - don't have this start on blue tick
01:35:319 (5) - sounds odd on blue tick, I would just delete it
Would sound better ending the map at 02:20:091

(Hey hitsounds sound better on this difficulty, make Risky like this)
Most of the map seems to follow 0.9 spacing, but then it changes at random times (that aren't jumps) any reason for this? Otherwise go through and try and make spacing more consistent
00:19:098 (1,2) - spacing
00:34:988 (6,7) - ^
00:37:388 (1) - start on red tick, end at 00:38:961
00:46:243 (7,1) - spacing
01:12:395 (1,2,3) - try and keep spacing equal, or so it makes sense
01:14:050 (8,9,10) - ^
01:19:677 (10,11,12) - ^
01:24:643 (8,9,10) - ^
Basically you just need to go through and make sure the spacing on the grid matches up with the timeline unless you have a good reason to change it
Would sound better ending the map at 02:20:091

Teras' Lethal:
00:27:374 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) - >_> might want to make this slightly more do-able
nicely done map, pretty extreme though

Nekoo's Taiko:
nothing unrankable I see


James2250 wrote:

Teras' Lethal:
00:27:374 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) - >_> might want to make this slightly more do-able It's perfectly FCable. If a bad player like me manage it I think others should too. Imma leave it as it is
nicely done map, pretty extreme though

Second hitsounds update, including fixes and improvements.
Remember to re-check the whole map and fix some patterns. I saw that some of the patterns were weird, and I added notes to some, so you will have to do that.

First, the custom hitsounds I used:
Download: hitsounds.rar

Then, the .osu file:
Download: Nightcore - Dangerous (Feno) [Dangerous].osu

Now, do that:
- delete all the custom hitsounds you have in your folder
- copy the Dangerous .osu file your downloaded into your folder, and replace the old one with this one.
- Extract the hitsounds.rar into your song folder
- delete .osb file if there's one and full submit.



I think the map needs a easier difficulty, because lower rating difficulty is a normal
Change name in Cascada - Dangerous (Nightcore Mix)


00:21 :250 (2,3) - fix spacing (like 00:17:774 (3,4) - )
01:30:105 (5,6,7) - fix spacing like this
01:41:195 (3,4) - fix spacing (too far)
01:44:340 (3) - this is too closer with 01:44:008 (2)
01:49:636 (1) - out of rhythm move it on 01:49:802

This should be a hard difficulty, jumps are too hard to understand like a insane
When you map use Distance Snap
If you want make jumps out of normal Distance Snapping, move Distance Snapping to 2,0 or what you want, this will make jumps precise
When i write fix spacing you should use distance snapping for fix

00:21:746 (7) - fix spacing (too far) and move 00:22:077 (8) under 00:21:415 (6)
00:22:243 (9) - 4 grid to left (with snap)
00:24:726 (5,6) - why this different spacing from others ? (snap too this with 0,9 distance spacing)
00:30:022 (1,2) - fix spacing (too closer)
00:31:015 (7) - fix spacing (too far) 1 grid left
00:31:346 (8) - fix spacing (too closer) is too similiar with others
00:32:008 (2,3,4) - Oh noes, fix this spacing is too confusing
00:34:988 (6,7) - This can remain, but not all will understand good
00:36:312 (4,5,6,7) - what ? lol , fix spacing >_>
00:36:974 (7,8,9) - fix spacing
00:39:457 (1,2) - too far
00:41:443 (3,4) - fix spacing (too far)
00:45:415 (3,4,5,6) - this spacing changing is hard to understand
00:46:574 (1,2,3,4) - this spacing changing is hard to understand
01:02:629 (5) - 2 grid left
01:02:795 (6) - 2 grid left, 1 grid down
01:09:746 (6) - 1 grid left
01:10:077 (7) - 1 grid left, 1 grid up
01:10:408 (8) - 1 grid up
01:10:574 (9) - 1 grid up
01:10:739 (10) - 1 grid up
01:16:533 (7) - 1 grid right
01:18:353 (3,4) - too far, fix spacing
01:25:305 (10) - 1 grid up
01:24:974 (9) - 1 grid right
01:25:305 (10,1,2) - Fix this spacing is too confusing D:
01:26:629 (2,3,4,5.6.7) - Fix this spacing is too confusing
01:32:091 (2,3,4,5,6) - Confusing, fix spacing
01:34:243 (9,1,2,3) - Spacing total wrong, use distance snap and fix
01:39:705 (6,7) - fix spacing ..
01:39:871 (7,8) - hard to understand, fix spacing
01:44:008 (6,7) - fix spacing
01:43:512 (4,5) - 1 grid up
01:44:505 (8,1) - Hard jump for an hard, fix spacing maybe a little closer
01:49:471 (1,2) - Fix spacing, is bad to see
01:50:298 (6,7,8,9) - Too evil and hard jump to understand, fix spacing
01:54:271 (5) - 1 grid to right
01:54:271 (5,6) - Maybe this can remain, but i think should be fixed
01:54:436 (6,7,8,9) - This is too hard, fix spacing
02:16:284 (8,1) - Fix spacing

I'm not saying you can't do jumps but remember this is should be a hard difficulty

Teras's Lethal
Be precise on patterns

01:15:871 (5) - New combo

About taiko sorry but i don't mod taiko difficulties

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