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I've dreamed about becoming a pianist because it's such a beautiful instrument, and I've started to wonder if anyone who plays osu! is a pianist. Since this game is a rhythm game, I thought maybe a few people would also happen to play the piano alongside osu!, or maybe I'm just stupid to think someone who plays such a complex instrument would bother with a game consisting of only two buttons and a cursor.
I can play the piano, but I am not exactly a "pianist".

Musical background is sure to up one's ability to stay in rhythm.
I recently purchased a (musical) keyboard as I've been wanting to learn for awhile, I just need to a) figure out what to do now and b) find the time to do it (damn summer exams)
yes yes I'm a pianist. I can play 4 instruments but piano is always my favourite
I play piano for like 3years :) It's a beatiful instrument and I'm sure you're gonna love it :D
I bought a piano and have just been playing some bullshit easy songs like the Dire Dire docks theme and Fur Elise. I took lessons when I was younger and hated it, but playing it by myself with no constraints is like meditation to me.

Also seems like my Elite Top Shelf ™ skills in osu dont seem to carry on over to playing the piano, unfortunately.
Daichi Shinku
Does anyone here willing to do covers if they are asked? xD
Because i need to list out some instrumentalist in this thread too: t/386895
The Gambler
Parent bought an expensive electric piano that is currently collecting dust in the corner. Sadly I don't have the drive to start using it, as do my parents.
Does deemo count
I'm not calling myself a pianist but I've been playing it for ~12 years now, but most of the time is spent on playing casually. Good luck it's a great pleasure to play the piano, just don't burn yourself out by playing it for like 5-6 hours trying to play something, you lose motivation really quickly. It's actually a bit like playing osu, in the beginning it's a great pleasure, up to a point when you think it's really hard you just want to drop it. Give yourself a week without it, and try it again if you find yourself in such a situation. Also, play songs/pieces that you like, don't force yourself to play ones that are too technical.

Good luck with the piano!
I'm in my 9th year of learning/playing the piano (currently g7 AMEB), and out of the four instruments I play it's my second favourite to play (behind Mallet percussion) and my favourite to arrange/compose for. I own a yamaha clavichord (electric piano) and it's covered in multiple songbooks. It's a beautiful instrument and you should really just go for it!

I would also like to add that you do NOT need to have a musical background to have the ability to stay in rhythm. I have been able to stay in rhythm since I was a toddler.

If you ever get to a stage where you're happy with your skills challenge yourself to compose or arrange!!!
I'm in my 8th year of playing the piano. Started when I was 7.
Currently grade 8, taking exams from ABRSM.
And as far as being a musician goes, I love rhythm games, and I think other people who play music will have the same opinion as I do.
I can play Piano. I always play Classical songs by Beethoven, Ravel, Eric Satie, Czerny, Bach & Chopin.
My favorite piece was 'Pavane pour une infante défunte' by Ravel and Ballade No 1 in G Minor, Op 23 by Chopin.
EshkushMeh xD
I'm kind of a pianist. I can play a bunch of other instruments too, but the piano seems to have a special place in my heart. When I was younger, I only played the piano for fun since, at the time, it was just a hobby of mine and I got distracted by other musical instruments x'D Now, I plan on learning more about the piano :)

By the way, the piano really is a beautiful instrument, I'm sure you'll love it :)
I've been playing for like 15 years, and Osu! is different enough to have fun with it !
Because of the use way you move the cursor; I really like to compare Osu! to a first person shooter :D
My friend -RogueAssassiN- he is pianist.... in youtube and facebook always tags me on facebook and link share video music cover from beatmap osu
I did play piano but I wouldn't call myself a pianist.
Played it for around 2~3 years so it's better than nothing :p
I have a electronic keyboard.

Have it a year a go but since I move between two houses every week, it's quite hard to find time to practice, so I am not much skilled at it.

It will probably take me a week of intense training to learn a piece.
[ Luna ]
I played when i was little, i hated it though, but i was kinda good at it tbh.
I taught myself piano to which i've been playing for 2 years now, wouldn't say i'm a pianist though. :roll:
Piano is nice though, feels like i can get away from the world when i play with no one else around.
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