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NM requests: 24h
M4M requests: unavailable

4 pending requests (check latest replies for most up-to-date info)

Welcome to bigfeh's std 24h Modding Queue! Now, I guess I'll need to do some explaining.

As you all have probably noticed by now, there are quite a few interesting things that might have caught your attention. First off, I want to make something clear: there is a "no bullshit" commitment here. You play by the rules, you'll get a serious mod of your map(s?) in time.

And the 24h in the name? It's real. No catch, no delay. During preliminary testing, only NM (Normal Mod) requests will be accepted, and you will have a guaranteed mod within 24 hours of the timestamp on your post. No delays for acceptance posts - what you see is what you get.

After preliminary testing is over (and there are a few extra commitments you need to make in order to qualify), feedback will be collected and listened to and appropriate changes will be made in preparation for the first "official" opening of the queue. When the queue is opened, the deadline for the mod will be 24 hours for M4M (Mod for mod) submissions and 48 hours for NM submissions. In case I have no pending maps or WIPs for a M4M, the NM deadline is reduced to 24 hours.

Honoring the "no BS" commitment, maps will be modded in a first come, first serve basis - there is absolutely zero bias against genres, maps or any other aspect of the maps. Furthermore, if there are 5 positions open, they can be filled by both NM and M4M requests.

Lastly, I, as a human, cannot watch this thread all the time. Therefore, whenever a n number of positions is open, the first n requests will be accepted and the rest will be notified of their situation. There is a 1-hour grace period after the nth post, during which you can submit requests for the waitlist. Whenever the queue is open, maps from the waitlist will be the first to fill in the positions.

A request can be withdrawn from the waitlist at any time. If you want to withdraw your request from the queue, please contact me in-game.

There are, as always, a few guidelines you need to follow when submitting your mod request. Guideline infractions follow a three-strike policy: first infraction will be notified in-thread (as well as in-game, if possible); in a second infraction, your request will be ignored; after a third infraction, the infringing requests and other requests will be ignored by at least a month.

  1. Only standard difficulties will be modded. Do not submit maps without standard difficulties
  2. Given the time-sensitive nature of this queue, the maximum drain time of all requested difficulties must not exceed 7.5 minutes (450 seconds)
  3. Do not submit more than one mod request per week
  4. Do not submit more than one map per mod request
  5. Qualified maps, be advised: I might have nothing to offer in your case. Requests are, however, accepted nonetheless
  6. Nukes will not be modded and the mapper will be notified of the request status as soon as possible
  7. Do not submit maps from other mappers. Guest difficulties are an exception, though the map submitter can still request modding for these
  8. Always reply to mods. Feedback is what allows me to improve - I expect nothing other than a bit of commitment on your part
  9. During preliminary testing, I expect at least a minimal amount of feedback on the general shape and characteristics of the queue itself. This should be posted with your request (a line or two will probably suffice)
  10. Requests must be submitted in either of the following formats, depending on your type of request:
Map: (Artist) - (Title)
Submission Link: (Submission link, duh)
Difficulties: (All/Insane/etc. - Difficulties you want modded)
Other considerations: (Your notes here)
Map: (Artist) - (Title)
Submission Link: (Submission link, duh)
Difficulties: (All/Insane/etc. - Difficulties you want modded)
Map Modded: (Artist - Title [Difficulty] (if applicable) of the map you modded)
Mod Link: (Mod link, pretty obvious too)
Other considerations: (Your notes here)

None yet. More to come soon™

Meramipop - Imperishable Challengers
DJ Fresh (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Flashlight (Radio Edit)
Natalia Kills - Wonderland (Nightcore)
*Map needs significant changes. Will mod as soon as it is updated

yanaginagi - landscape
Kaai Yuki - Ikanaide
Chou Huei - Bing Kuai
Various Artists - Treasure Town
Demetori - Rigid Paradise ~ Dawn of the Dead
Katakiri Rekka & Suzuyu - Girl meets Love

q. "24 hours? Is there really no catch?"
a. Nope.

q. "What can I do if my diffs' combined drain time exceeds 7.5 minutes?"
a. You can always submit another mod request for the same map, different diffs next week - remember there is no limit to how many times you can request that a specific map or difficulty be modded.

q. "Where can I check whether there are maps for M4M or the NM deadline is 24 hours?"
a. It's up there, buddy. Right under the queue status.

q. "Is there like, seriously no catch? I mean, really?"
a. Yeah, really. Go read the whole thread, I've written it for a reason

q. "Will I be notified of the request approval?"
a. No. You will only be notified in case your request is denied for whatever reason or if there is something wrong with it, as well as other special cases (see thread).

q. "Are you insane? Do you like to suffer? What are you doing with your life? How are you available so often?"
a. Definitely, not really, I don't know and I'm on vacation

q. "When do the 24 hours start counting?"
a. Right from the moment when you post - your post's timestamp is the clock. So if you post a request (by the rules) at 9:00:00PM UTC, you'll have a mod by the same bathour, same batminute and same batsecond in your batthread on the next batdate.
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