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Hey everyone i am relatively new to playing osu! but i enjoy it very much. I have as my title indicates a spinner problem. I spin at about 100 if i am entierly lucky and it is a good day. I have tried to practice but it appears that i shall be the laughing stock of my friends who play with me. I can not recieve even 50's on some rather easy spinners. Is there any advice you can give?
Spin in a circle slowly first and then get faster as you get more comfortable with the motion.
spin nearer to the center
Spin to win
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Focus more on drawing circles than going fast. I've seen so many people around your rank when a spinner pops up they seem to go into full seizure mode.
Try to spin with an inward motion, towards you body, anticlockwise. This would be easier for your arm.

And keep your circle small and as close to the centre as possible.

Spin with your arm moving along with your wrist, spares you the strain on your wrist
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