[Archived] Editor is broken with fullscreen on(/fullscreen problem?)

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Problem Details:
This might also be a part of a problem, where I cannot enter the fullscreen mode and have to restart osu.(Osu tries to enter fullscreen mode but fails and immediately tries to re-enter it; this happens 2-3 times a day)
I came to this conclusion because after I restart the game because one of these bugs it starts on my left screen in 800x600.

If it matters:
I have 3 monitors, 1x1080p and 2x900p and play osu on the 900p monitor in the middle.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

I'm somewhere ingame, everytime the screen is completely black.
osu! version: 20150213.1cuttingedge
Try switching renderers. Directx, OpenGL
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It doesn't happen with OpenGL.
If this is till occurring check for graphics card driver updates. Otherwise just use openGl borderless.
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