Taiko Drum Master Storyboard (Featuring Chibi Agents!)

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Awesome updates!
Dancing characters, changing backgrounds, and all types of crazy hijinks now supported! :D Download it here: ... youup2.rar and extract it into the folder belonging to this beatmap: Should work!

If you don't have the beatmap already, get the full song+storyboard here: ... youup2.osz

New screens:

Credit to AWP for the Chibi Agents :D

Edit: If it's not working for you, try adding the attached difficulty and using that one.

Download: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 2 (LuigiHann) [Storyboarded].osu
One hint - if you want the chibi J's to move to the beat, take a look at the timingpoints section of the osu file:

The second number is the milliseconds between each beat. if you use multiple of this, they will suddenly be in sync. Not sure if you were looking for this effect (or if that is how it works in taiko) but its good to know. You may also want to sync the offset (2144 + 528.16 * x)
Aww! Chibi J is teh cute! <3
ty Puffles~

This storyboard looks so awesome I am going to go do the animations right now.

And try to get an answer out of Weegee if he's on ORC. Blah he's not on oh well.

EDIT: Uploading J animation set. Was gonna ask you how many arm waves you wanted. I went with four. Are these enough? I'm not sure how you're handling the dive poses, as the arm-wave to right dive might be a bit of a jump and might need an addiitonal frame =x

files named in hexadecimal because I am cool (and it probably conflicts with what you need it for, oops =x)

Download: j.rar
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I'll use Peppy's fancy math to get them into sync with one another later. For now, check this out.

That is so awesome.
Dark Deception_old
Best. Gameplay. Storyboard. EVER!
SOOOOOO awesome

Download: ChEBA.rar
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Taking a while to upload. Here's some screens

Edit: And here's the file!

Does anybody have an opinion on the "mosh pit" at the end? It doesn't really match the style but if nobody cares about it then I'll call this finished. 8-)

In the spirit of this awesome storyboard:

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Haha, love how Agent J's pompadour bounces up and down :D And bouncing Commander Kahn, of course. :) Can he be scripted to adjust his jumping based on each song's bpm? Otherwise, it may seem strange in other songs.
Having things gradually appear on the bottom kept things interesting, too. Very polished work overall.
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:D Thanks!

More screens. Now the Agents jump up from below the screen, and they're synchronized with one another consistently! Also, Wada Don (the drum) doesn't start dancing until gameplay starts, and I replaced the Taiko souls with EBA stars.

I haven't uploaded this new version yet, because I'm still waiting for the new mosh pit image. Don't worry, Kahn will still be jumping, but he'll be in Chibi-A style. :)

Chibi Kahn! YES! I thought about asking for that, but figured that if you could, you'd have done that already! Divas too, if that's possible.
Guess I better get to work


EDIT: Morris fixes attached

Download: morris.rar
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Let me tell you.
This is possibly one of the best things I've ever seen.
No more, no less.
The idea is excellent, the teamwork is brilliant, and the beta product blows my mind.
Can't wait for it to become universal so I can have 'em in other songs.


This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

Agent BA8 Rookbie
I like Kahn.
He looks cute.
Excellent work on all of 'em.
Chieftain and Spin

I'm dead

Epic Win, awp. Epic. Win.

Luigi, from the screenshots, it looks amazing. I can't wait to test drive this on my computer!
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Bumping because it's finished. See the links in the first post!
This isn't working on my computer! :cry:
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