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Hello, I've recently made a new account to osu!, from my history it can be seen that I haven't played this game serious for about 3 years and i want to get back into it. I made a new account just to start over mostly because my accuracy sucks and cant find track of the maps that i had long ago (also some other stuff). I've sent a ticket to support to see if my new account (High Lion) can be unrestricted, and requested that this one can be deleted/banned, but i got no response yet. Can this issue be fixed? Idk if I'm wasting my time waiting for them to respond me ( or not to respond ). Forums seem much faster so i decided to post here.
You broke the rules. Please contact accounts@ppy.sh, not technical support.
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I've sent it to "Disabled account" or " sign-up issue" if that matters. Not sure how to proprely send to that adress via osu! support. Or i just use it through yahoo mail?
Just mail accounts@ppy.sh. Preferrably using the email adress tied to your osu! account.
I know that this has nothing to do with the known issue being stated here today, but overall accuracy doesn't dictate a person's skill level.
Most top players have low accuracy, but then again seeing that you're a standard player it's to be expected to have more-so a lower accuracy due to the amount of precision and accuracy one has. However as you play more and more, you as a player become more accurate. So, If I were you I'd work with what I have now and gradually raise it that way.
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