Utsuho Reiuji Skin v1.3 Final

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Reiuji :33
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sveta-insane wrote:

Reiuji :33
Thank you good sir/ma'am; if you encounter anything wrong or strange at all please come back and report it so I may attend to it.
I love that CTB icon.

JInxyjem wrote:

I love that CTB icon.
osu! is now nuclear powered LOL

I love the skin
Yeah Mike the skin is looking much better now lol

It needs more Remilia though.
If we're not careful enough Okuu might nuclear us all to death :3
Another great skin added to compendium!
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I just want to bump this up one time and re-state that the final update for this skin will be Friday. If there are any issues you noticed or suggestions you have, now's the time to tell me.
ahhh ctb so cute~
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Just mentioning that the final update is here. Thanks to everyone for their compliments, complaints and suggestions! It's these three combined that helped me make the skin that I'm sure all you Utsuho fans will enjoy!
Numbers 596108
thanks...i like this skin and this is touhou skins too.
thank you very much :)
Ahh. This is a great skin. ;)

Okuu <3
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So during my times of skinning the BRS skin for Dead Master (and I certainly did spend quite some time), I learned about a few things that greatly improved my skinning capabilities, one of these things being Vectoring.

So what I'm going to do is go through every image for my Utsuho skin one last time, fix ANY type of jagged edge I see and make sure all borders are clean and smooth. I am also going to make slight adjustments to make things look nicer as well. And I did state that I might make changes to my skin depending on the situation.

But this time it'll be different, once I make sure EVERY IMAGE is how I want it to be for this next update of mine, there will be no more changes. I can't keep updating this forever sadly, and I do want to work on my other skins. So I won't lie this time; this next update will be my absolute final. And I'll make sure this skin will be equivalent to a thoroughly polished finished product.

As for when the final update will be released, I'm not sure how soon I can upload it, but I guarantee it'll be no later than 23:59 on May 26 (-5 GMT).

And I just want to say, I know there aren't that many fans of Okuu compared to other characters like Remilia or Sakuya and such, but it's been a pleasure making this skin and getting to know other Okuu fans like me that want to enjoy playing Osu along-side her.
WOW Utsuho Reiuji skin <3
Your folder for your skin is inside a skin folder already. So its osuskinskinOkuu. Might want to change that.
The skin is truly wonderful. Using it for now.

Now all I need is a Sanae

KayMemoria wrote:

Now all I need is a Sanae

great skin by the way. well done.
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Zatoichi wrote:

Your folder for your skin is inside a skin folder already. So its osuskinskinOkuu. Might want to change that.
If you read the instructions, I state that you should extract this in the main Osu! folder. That way, this extracts the skin folder in that .rar into the the main Osu! folder, thereby extracting the Okuu skin into the skin folder automatically.

There is a possibility I'm not getting something though; if the above statement is not true for you please show me with some sort of picture. Many thanks.
SUGGOOIII !!! it looks really cool !
Ill try it out !
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And with that, I seriously am now done with this skin. Thanks for the support, fans of Okuu!
gracias <3
can you tell me after i downloaded it what ia have to do?? i'm new on this so i don't really know what to do
afret i downloaded it it shows me a .rar folder
Extract the skin to the Skins folder in your osu! directory. Then go to the Options and select the skin.
/me appears
!summon OnosakiHito
/me disappears
where in my directory?
It should be where you installed osu!. It's usually C:\Program Files (x86)\osu! by default. Place it in the Skins folder there.
nice skin :)
Awww!I love your skin!But...A thing I wanna say...Maybe change the section-fail...Just the text from it!
Try another style for the text~!In the rest...Everything looks awesome!Keep up good work~ ;)
but when i downloaded it it showed to me a simply .rar folder
and in options it doesn't show me the skin
Extract the contents of the .rar and put the extracted folder of the skin in the Skins folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\osu!\Skins\).
"You Made Her Cry Jerk"
Now I Try to fail...

Man this skin is awesome :)
Thank you for your skin actually I used this skin on my OSU!DROID and OSU
Thanks for uploading this skin
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