Android 4 Kitkat (HD/SD) Final Update (08-11-2015)

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-makoto yuki

Ryu Sei wrote:

I need your rights to access it from drive.

Anyway the skin is good wwwwwww
well it fixed thanks
I like it.
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-makoto yuki
updated see on first post
Great update!

Mania skin now fits with the theme. :)
Good job!
looks good to me

-makoto yuki wrote:

why 4+ Yeah This Skin is based from jellybean and ice cream sandwicth UI full of blue colour so that's it

skins information
  1. Skins name:Android 4+
  2. Version:2.5
  3. Author:-makoto yuki
  4. Size: 2.2 mb(packed)
  5. Gameplay included:

changelog 16/12/2014

  1. updated version 2.5
  2. add non widescreen support
  3. change mania stagelight
  4. change pause-overlay & fail-background


Download link

Puush or Google Drive

  1. sorry for worse screenshot quality
[ yogurt ]
Very nice. Only thing I really didn't like was approachcircle.
Sorry to sound like a n00b, but how do I turn off this skin? For now I can't change it
- Marco -

Also, nice skin ^_^
Tony cutie
._. Already Android skin created, but nice as well!
Topic Starter
-makoto yuki
updated! see on first post
Topic Starter
-makoto yuki
bump XD
updated! see on first post
Awesome skin. :)
I like a lot of concepts in this skin, especially after the mania update, but the fruits for Catch The Beat are a little awkward, with their shape and all. I don't know how to do it personally, but I see a lot of ctb skins that have permanent light colors on the fruit. I... don't know how else to explain it.

The catcher is incredibly cute, however. The whole skin is fantastic other than that!
Topic Starter
-makoto yuki
updated* see on first post
[ Aeoleus ]
This skin is awesome but there is a few issues, such as the skip bar. It isn't scaled to my window size ;(
- Eren Jaeger -
Seems Elegant
Im Gonna Download iit now! :D

-makoto yuki wrote:

why 4+ Yeah This Skin is based from jellybean and ice cream sandwicth UI full of blue colour so that's it anyways please read the note bellow this post first before proceding

skins information
  1. Skins name:Android 4+
  2. Author:-makoto yuki
  3. Size: 3.1 mb(packed)
  4. Gameplay included:

changelog 18/01/2015

  1. add comboburst-fruits
  2. change mods icon all
  3. change approachcircle
  4. change fruits overlay all
  5. change ranking A-X & A-X small all
  6. change mode icon med
  7. fix taiko bar left
  8. fix input overlay key
  9. remove fruits all
  10. edit skin.ini "approachcircle colour to fit the circle on theme"

some element are outdated

Download link

Puush /

  • Note*
  1. for non widescreen user if you download this skin from maybe this will look wreid since i can't add fail background to you can't add it.......i don't know why every time i'll try to upload it this part "fail-background" always changed to pause background so for non widescreen user very recomended to download it from puush
  2. sorry for worse screenshot quality
This is absolutely gorgeous, the sound effects are excellent too. However, I find in harder osu!mania songs it's really difficult to tell between notes by just the colour and positioning. Maybe you could add dividing lines between each of the note trails on the mania interface?
[ Erika ]
Great skin OMG
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