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These following members are able to assist in any storyboard or skin related issues or to answer any questions you might have concerning them:
  1. deadbeat (skinning)
  2. Okoratu
  3. ztrot (skinning, basic storyboard commands)
  4. Xgor
  5. Damnae
  6. inverness
  7. Pereira006
  8. Project Railgun
  9. ziin
You can post in this thread or PM them if you need any help.
Re-formatted this thread to be clearer. If you want to be added to the list let me know. Also added Xgor, Okoratu and Project Railgun to the list of those who are able to help in storyboard-related issues.
i can help with the sb issues also :>
I was asked to check https://osu.ppy.sh/b/370143 but I know pretty much nothing about storyboards or skinning. AIBat came up with all these:

AIBat v3.1 wrote:

Unused Image Files

AIBat v3.1 wrote:

Skin Dimensions
hit0.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).
hit50.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).
hit100.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).
hit300.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).
hit300k.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).
hit300g.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100).

AIBat v3.1 wrote:

SB Elements Not .png

AIBat v3.1 wrote:

Missing Skin Files
Which ones are valid concerns and which ones are outdated or allowable? If some of these are valid, is it worth a pop?

It also confuses me that cursormiddle.png is unused when it is listed as part of the cursor skin set in the ranking criteria.

Project Railgun wrote:

Ok, here's what I got.
  1. lyric\23.png - I checked and this isn't used anywhere, so it should be removed.
  2. hit100g.png - This file must be renamed to hit100k.png to complete the skin (there is no such thing as hit100g.png). Right now it will show a mix of user skin with map skin.
  3. cursormiddle.png - IMO should be removed because it makes the custom cursor MUCH easier to play with.
  4. hitX.png's dimensions must be exactly 256x256 (currently 100x100). - This is up to the mapper. If the mapper can produce higher quality .pngs then definitely use them, but don't upscale the image.
  5. SB Elements Not .png - Using .jpg for background images make sense (also reduces file size in general).
  6. The bottom half of BGB.jpg should be cropped because it is not shown in the Storyboard. It may also be considered "NSFW", so best to crop it out.
Hope that helps o/
Thanks Lust and Railgun, I guess enough changes need to be made to warrant a pop.

Still not sure about cursormiddle.png, since the ranking criteria says all parts of a skinning set must be included.
I really don't know what to do about cursormiddle.png - AIBat says it's unused but it's required according to the ranking criteria. Should I keep it or not?
keep it plz if cursor.png is used
cursor-middle.png is a purely optional skin element and should by no means be required. that rule might need amending to state this
Alright, thanks for clarifying guys.
if you guys have any skinning issues, let me know. i should be able to help out
Updated the thread to include skinning support. Lets make this the go-to thread for anything skinning and storyboard related issues/questions in regard to beatmapping. If any of you can help with any of these topics, feel free to step forward and I will add you to the list!
I might not know about the newer formats but I've released a few skins if any one ever needs simple advice I should be able to point them in the right direction.
you could add that I only know things about scripting storyboards. if someone has a question about images and coding stuff I could most likely help.

just saying this because someone already asked me something about the ingame editor which I cannot operate.

seeing that ztrot and deadbeat added their expertises I think it'd make sense to do that for everyone?

popping for the missing followpoint-0.png in the misc category, but got other questions:

star.png and star2.png are the only elements of a much larger set of which all other elements aren't included, but they're part of the song selection set. is it just better to do away with them?

also approachcircle.png and reversearrow.png are sized improperly according to AIBat, which says they need to be square. couldn't find anything in the RC about this though.

Added ziin to the list of people who can assist in storyboarding in skinning. Feel free to give him a poke either on the forums, ingame, or right here in the thread if you need it!
Added Pereira006 to the list of people who can assist in storyboarding!
Must add elements while skinning and with its optimal size and stuff. Only posting it here for future reference for anyone who gets doubts of the elements which belong to the nature of the spinner, hitcircle, slider, etc.

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