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Hello folks,

Welcome to the Beatmap Management board. Until now, all members of the Beatmap Nomination Group have done their work via Trello, an organization board, but it was not used in a degree we wished it to. Most of its functionalities were not used to their full potential by all members. Moreover, Trello loses its benefit with larger team size, which we will surely achieve at some point. Thinking further into the future, where we'll be introducing Modding v2 at some point, it doesn't make much sense to disconnect the BNG work from the actual webpage, especially if the additions to the BNGs will happen in a more automated way.

What is this board now?

This is the BNG board. Everything which happened in Trello before (especially discussing specific maps or coordinating with each other to get stuff rolling at an appropriate speed) will continue here. You are free to open a new thread for each beatmap or other map-related thing you wish to discuss.

How do I use it as a BN?

We have enabled the open usage of icons to everyone. Let's start off with some conventions, so stuff stays logical and easy to track.

  • - osu!Staff uses this one only to mark information topics for BNs and the public
    - osu!Staff uses this for important announcements to the BNs

    - Use the osu! circle for osu! beatmap discussions
    - Use the Taiko face for Taiko beatmap discussions
    - Use the apple for CtB beatmap discussions
    - Use the piano for osu!mania beatmap discussions
    - Use the nuclear fusion icon for hybrid set discussions

    - Icon a thread with a heart if a discussion is concluded and can be archived. ♥
    - Icon a thread with a broken heart if a discussion was abandoned and never concluded. :(

    - Use this to discuss general beatmapping/modding questions
    - Use this for projects and other organization topics (e.g. beatmapping contests, asking others to join your collab, Modding Academy, etc.)

    [Unranked] - Put this in front of your topic title in case the map is unranked.
    [Popped] - Put this in front of your topic title in case the map has a popped bubble.
    [Bubbled] - Put this in front of your topic title in case the map has been bubbled.

What is with Trello now?

Trello is ultimately discontinued for the BNs. However, the QATs will stay on Trello, since they are part of the osu! Staff.

Who else can post in here apart from the BNs?

GMTs, QATs and all higher administration members have post privileges to this board. Normal Chat Moderators and Forum Moderators do not.

Why can I see this board? I am not a BN.

The Beatmap Management board is read-only for all registered users in osu!. All members of the Beatmap Nomination Group are simply normal users which have the permission to nominate maps into the Qualified status, so there is no reason to hide their discussion from everyone else. Regardless, to ensure that BNs can discuss properly between themselves without having to take up space in beatmap threads or #modhelp, the general public has no permission to post in here.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.
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