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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
Sound Voltex is a mildly new arcade game released in Japan. It has several controls, such as knobs, FX, and note hitting keys.

I imagined this could be ported to osu!, as it seems to be very popular, and there already is something similar called "K-Shoot Mania".

Controls would be somewhat similar to this (This was Google Translated, so I'm not sure how it is. I'll post the original Japanese text if need be):
S, D, K, L BT (white) to fit the object and press (H, J, F, and then reaction even G)
No conversion, conversion FX (orange) to fit the object and press
Space I press FX objects both at the same time
Q, W Press to fit the LEFT LASER (blue) object
O, P Press to fit the RIGHT LASER (red) object
↑, ↓ I will change the value of the high-speed setting
←, → I will change the type of high-speed setting
Esc I will return to the song select screen

Again, I apologize for Engrish. Google Translate isn't that great.

I'm assuming there'd be some sort of Fade Out mod, and possibly a auto laser and/or FX mod.

I don't have a good concept idea at the moment, but this would be interesting to say the least.
I think osu! is good enough with osu!mania. I don't think we need another mode similar to mania either lol
what drum drum said. osu!mania looks better anyway
It's a terrible idea to add a game mode that requires a controller of some kind to be playable. Stick to k-shoot lol.

RedPanda wrote:

yeah lets get the whole game sued
also there's k-shoot that's like...completely free and there for you
im gonna try it even tho this forum is dead lol
This thread is 'dead' because it is never going to happen. That's why its tagged [invalid]. Like everything else in this forum, there is no need to post
how about an original gamemode instead lol
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