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Xtrmite wrote:

Greetings, welcome to the World of Osu!

I am not sure how to pronounce your how to pronounce your name, but then again I wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between an ant and bag of doritos. I'll just pronounce your name as: "I-fee-ya" and hope to god I get it right!
Wow, you like Anime? What are the odds! :o
I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stop typing Osu! with an exclamation mark. People who can't stop typing osu!.. with... an... exclamation mark...... unite.....? Uhmmmm..... yeah if the world blows up you can blame me...

Anyways, welcome with a W!
Thanks Xtrmite! And indeed, osu! (with an exclamation mark) typers unite :D
(Ipheia is pronounced 'if-ee-ah' in case you want to know, but I'm not that picky xD)

Thanks to everyone else who has posted so far as well! A waffle for all of you! (>^-^)>#
Welcome to the community ~ :3
I live in Australia too. What are the chances.
AR10 Only

Ipheia wrote:

Ipheia here! I'm a brand new Australian player!

Right now I'm a student that happens to like anime and games (not obvious at all!)
I found osu! a while ago but only recently did I get a computer that can actually run it ^^,
Although the main reason I got to starting osu! was after playing Cytus for a while and 'rediscovering' osu! from there.

So far I absolutely love the game for how everyone is able to contribute to it! (and I can play my favourite songs!) again, I'm Ipheia. Hope we get along~
Welcome Ipheia ! Don't hesitate to add me in game and have fun :oops:
Hehe greetings from a fellow Aussie and welcome to the forums! Hope you meet awesome people and enjoy your stay >w<~
Pretty cool name you got there mate :P. rise from the nub ranks for me
Mr Capuce
welcome Mr. Ipheia :oops:
Welcome to the forums! :D
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