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Oh oh, Almost forget this one
Sayonara no Kawari ni
Probably it'd have to be Manemane Psychotrophic by Gumi Megpoid. Many clones of the same person; would be interesting!
Neapolitan by Yohioloid
Servant of Evil
The entirety of "The Evillious Chronicles".

And the song in which an angel (Rin) falls in love with a human girl (Miku), so Rin makes a contract with the devil so she can become a human man (Len) and have a relationship with Miku, which ends up successful. Then another angel, Kaito, becomes jealous of Miku because Kaito was in love with Rin, so Kaito kills Miku. Rin sacrifices her own life so Miku can live again, the end. I forgot the title. Shame too, because the tune is stuck in my head. I think it's called "Forbidden Secret ~Black Vow~".
Takes place in a "utopia" governed by a group calling themselves The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee. Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. Don't forget to smile ^_^
Citizens "cheerfully" work the day away in the Sadistic Music Factory, in hopes of pleasing their beautiful green-haired queen.

1. The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

Are you happy? It is your duty, okay? Are you fulfilling your duty?
If you are not happy...

Hanging, beheading, firing squad, boiling, drowning, electrocution,
burning, live burial, poison, stoning, sawing, or crucifixion,
just pick the one you like ^_^

It is your duty to be happy.
It is your duty to be happy.
It is your duty to be happy.
Are you happy? It is your duty, okay?

If you are not happy ^_^...

...then die!

2. Sadistic.Music∞Factory

Welcome, to to to to to to to to to to to to to to my music factory!

I want you to keep feeding me fresh music

I want there to be tons of people by my side always and always

3. Torinoko City

Yearning to meet someone but unable to
What is my name?
Tell me within ten characters

At the point where truth and lies cross
Is this feeling of entrapment that hinders my breathing
Why am I living?
Tell me within a hundred characters

Black rock shooter ? .-.
Leia uwu
Souzou Forest
The Evillious Chronicles
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