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I Give Up
I just spec'd you and there weren't any slider problems that I could see. There isn't really a trick to it, just time yourself when to release your finger. As opposed to hit circles where you release your finger as fast as possible.
Your accuracy is already better than mine. All it takes is some getting used to. I'd play maps with short and long sliders, and just get used to holding them all the way through.
Meri! :D

Just make sure you have your cursor over the slider start before pressing anything. It helps if you can move quickly to the slider. Also as mentioned, make sure you hold it all the way before letting go, and move the cursor all the way as well. Also keep at it! :)
You just gotta play until you get used to it, it can take some time and there's no other advice to give like, "Change your sensibility/area", no, you just have to get used to the way you like to play and you will be fixing little issues overtime.
play more, pusc.
get out of those puddles
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