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Problem Details:
Well, i was just fixing my last A's the other day and i left the one on this map: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/458793?m=0 for last, but when i got to it, the map got unranked and my A was (and is) still there, i sent a report and got an answer that whenever the map gets ranked it should get away, well the map got reranked today and the A didn't get away, i even tried a random HT score and it is still there, so i guess it's bugged, the report guys told me to create a thread so the devs fix it as well so here i am.

This happened to me one time before with an unranked map (that never got ranked again) and peppy himself had to fix it so i guess that's the solution

I'm creating the thread anyways to see if the issue can be solved for future cases, thanks a lot in advance! :D

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

None needed.

osu! version: 20140814.1 (latest)
Uhh, maybe try to redownload the map? Helped for me one time iirc.
What? No, the A is there on my userpage not ingame, the issue has to be server sided
Since devs are probably busy with their dev duties and daily lives, why not try getting the attention of one rather than waiting? It's probably only peppy who would be able to fix this, though.

Either way, it's faster than waiting.
Very obscure bugs with the ranking process are probably not going to be looked at for a long time.
Well, the issue is solved in my case, hope this gets attention for futures cases! :D
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