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I'm looking for a skin that has no Combobursts, the notes are clear in middle with white lettering for numbers, the approach circle is near invisible but still there, there are NO lines or arrows between notes. If you know a pack like this, can you link it for me please? I don't really know how to navigate the forums in the such, and a quick google search didn't help.

Also, currently, I do better with Hidden, over what I do with no mods.

First of all, you can disable combobursts here :

If you like dark, ring hitcircle skins :
Experiment 00 by Kheryo

Luminance by Uruoki
Make sure to pick the "Planckian Locus" variation.

If you like bright, solid hitcircle skins :
Aesthetic HD Skin by Redon
Minimalist miku by Garin

The "line or arrow between the notes" is followpoint.png
It is present in most skins, and in most recent skins it is animated to appear and disappear with the right timing, which could even help you in Hidden, I really recommend leaving these on.
If you however still want to remove it, delete all of the followpoint-1, followpoint-2 etc PNG files, create a 1*1 blank png and save it as "followpoint.png". This will load the blank image instead of the default followpoint and it will appear as if there were no followpoints.
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