Where did your username originate from?

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It sounds really cringy, but it has an intresting backstory.
So osu was kind of the first game i have began actively playing. I have started playing it when i was 6 years old, and since you can't rename yourself it stays like that.
Basically i wasn't very original and didn't think too much of it because i have wanted to quickly play, and i have just reversed my name (nikita) and put my date of birth. It sounds like a joke and like the worst username ever, but it reminds me of myself as a kid and i really like it because of that. I would have changed it, but maybe it will stay for good.
i really like undertale, specifically chara's whole character (heheh) and then i just yeeted the maru off of orochimaru, and here we are

god i need a better name
During the big Dubstep trend about 7-9 years ago, there was a very popular artist named "SKisM". His music was one of the best next to Flux Pavilion and Skrillex.

My username before that was "LoLMeCrazy" so I definitely needed a new ign, so I went with "SKiisM" since I was a huge fan of his music. Barely anyone recognizes the name since the artist phased out awhile ago too.
tbh i stole this lol... i feel bad now i gonna change nickname later
This username come from my irl self and how i looked depressed all the time without being actually depressed; I really wanna change it to be honest.
The Blakery
My username is a mix between my name (Blake) and my occupation as a Baker, pretty simple but yeah that's where it comes from!
hit my keyboard
Got it from a character created by "Funamusea".
I love lasers :/
Ssshh.. It came from my name
too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

the state of feeling bored.

And my username was too long so... yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Literally, a Random XBox name from 7-8years ago....LUL
I just like tentacles.
Mei Misaki and Koichi Sakakibara from Another ^-^
My username is because my name is Liri and my nickname (that I made up and made everyone call me) is the Devil or Satan so that's where my username is from
Mine came from an alteration of Fiel, Nirvalen from No Game No Life.
My first username was "Maxwell" because my ex-girlfriend called me like that, and i kept a lot of letters for my new username (the e w a x) and i added "Lewd" and mixed that and Lewdax was born
My username comes from my DevianArt account, but I don't remember how did I get the idea.
I just remember that it was a different username but it was already taken so I said: "Let's just change a few things".
And it end up being Niktushi. lol
My friends gave me the nickname "Rappe" on 1st grade and then I turned it into Rabbe and now it's Rabbecito just for the memes. Mostly I use Rabbe on other platforms like Discord etc.
I bought Minecraft account.
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