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Where did your username originate from?

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i like cats, thats all
Cherry Blossom
My old username was PCBlossom (Perfect Cherry Blossom) from Touhou 7. I changed it to Cherry Blossom because i found this name funny ^^ (people still think i'm a girl, omg)
because people keep asking me:

back in RuneScape there was a Soul Wars clan for level 120+ players whose generals chose a random side that everyone would join for each game. the goal was that the side with stronger players would almost always win. the clan was hosted by xxdeathx.

xFioramaster18 wrote:

My name came from this video
The video is pretty popular so i get highlighted for nothing alot xc
i figured as much, having seen that dude's videos before
Brendan + Friend = Friendan.
It came from a friend because he thought I needed a new nickname (he used to just call me fag/faggot).
So Everyone started calling me that and yeah.

Also you still haven't fought me at Town Center, Drum Drum.
Trash Boat

Xanandra wrote:

Free mod for the first person who can guess where my nick came from!
I don't need a mod, but feel free to give me something else instead

E s s a
my original username was "essamaneira" well it came from a title of that song. i saw it on dance arcade named "xceed"
Then i change my name into E s s a, which is coincidentally my shorthand of my whole real name. :)

edit 1: i didn't know it was a portuguese word at first
^I think that's Pump it Up: Xceed

Anyway, mine came from the syllables of my friends' names.

It's so random but it looked cool and unique imo so I sticked with it.

old username came from Angel Beats + a "lucky" number (Otonashi07)
kuro = black = fave color
gami = god or lord or something like that

old username KurogamiLaciel
Laciel = taken from my old mmorpg's account username
Basically the Japanese word I use frequently during winter.
Welp, my name in RL.

About my previous username, TheNutritiousGuy... it's my old name as Let's Player on YouTube which was just a "random" name at this time. At all it became to a pun and weirdly (more) famous in the german community.
Naru - from the same word as the Ghost Hunt's MC's nickname, I chose it because it sounds fun.
20 - my real name if you write it in hiragana and read in katakana.
My username is made from Sakakibara in anime "Another".
I was totally stuck in setting nickname, so I chose this...
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drum drum

Friendan wrote:

Also you still haven't fought me at Town Center, Drum Drum.
But Town Center Park is boring ;u;

Besides, I'm stuck at home with a cold.
When I was something like 7 or 8 years old, my brother was playing World of Warcraft, he wanted to show me the game so he created a blood elf paladin and called him Znation and let me play a bit. I kinda kept it for everything, but when that username is taken I use Yukio-san, probably because I watched a few episodes of Ao no Exorcist with my brother, and I like that name so I also kept it and added -san for whatever reason.
If I can't chose too then I take a random japanese name and add something like -chan or -san.
Damn, I realize that I don't have any imagination for names when I read that :o

i think i remember coming up with it on the spot when i signed up for an acc on twitch. i just wanted something to type in, so i put in 'Faces' and though, hey, screw it, put a three in there and i got 'Faces3'
so then i signed in with it on osu! and it's stuck with me for a while
at least the number 3 has.
Love Ozzy Osbourne, love rock, OzzyOzrock just sounded like a cool name when signing up for WoW. Damn was I a badass username maker at 13 yrs.
[- Alex -]
My name is Rosu Alexandru in real life. Sooo , Alex.

But my steam/league name is YoloSwagerino!

Because i love to play yolo and.... yea.... swag.
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