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[Archived] Osu Rankingsystem Unoptimized

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This is no real bug, but I dont know where to ask this but here...
I want to make you aware of the fact, that there is something unoptimal in the rankingsystem:

The rankingsystem only regards the best record you make on a beatmap, but it rates the record you did (PP-Gain) different than osu itself.
That means: You can have a record with a higher score in Osu, but this record gives less pp than your last record. (=> you loose pp)

An example: I did a record with 1,964kk points and a combo of 325 and gained 71pp for it. AFTER THIS I played the map again and did a record with 2,151kk points and a combo of 288. But I only gained 67pp for it, because the rankingsystem rates combos higher, than osu.
Because the rankingsystem only regards the highest record you did, you can loose pp, when you better your record. It would be great, if the rankingsystem would look after all records you did, and only rate the one, which gives most pp.

You could simply code, that the rankingsystem can only raise pp for a diff, if you do a new record, but that it can not lower the pp's. So you would guarantee, that always the best difficulty (In PP-Perspective) would count.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

I Hope I described the problem enough, so that you understand, what I mean
If you are already aware of this 'problem' (Its not a real problem...) you can simply ignore this post. If you did not understand me right, it would be great if a german technical supporter could write a pm to me, so that I can explain him my problem in german.

osu! version: 20140814.1 (latest)
You may lose pp because that your accuracy of the second play is lower than the first time
Support this t/220119
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[ S a k u r a ] wrote:

You may lose pp because that your accuracy of the second play is lower than the first time
Nope the accuracy was 3 percent higher. The rankingsystem goes nearly only after the combos you make...
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baraatje123 wrote:

Support this t/220119
i did read it its a little bit complicated^^ But as im no supporter yet, i cant vote up for it anyway :/
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