Rules, basically (Update: Feb 9 2021)

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cough cough looks like someone forgot to post them

level of strictness etc basically equates to General Discussion's rules, which is basically inherited from the rest of the forum. In other words, rules here are basically the same as everywhere else that isn't Off-Topic.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't really care so as long as you're posting within the realm of common sense. Since this is a hazy rule to follow, just don't do anything peppy and co wouldn't do. Apart from "participate in forum games". I don't think peppy would do that, but you can, as long as it is inclusive of the other rules.
What does not constitute as a "Forum Game"?

  1. When the "game" is to post the same thing over and over again verbatim

Update 3/26/2022:
Any further "Last one to post" threads will be promptly wastelanded on sight
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