Ice Blue Palace Queue [OPEN]

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JerryC - Canon Rock
NM please, thanks =w=
Still Open?
t/251095 NM mod please
Hey Hinsvar !

Uchida Maaya - Gimme! Revolution

are you available for NM mod? it is 2 months old map and seems to ready. thanks !
Hey Hinsvar! Looks like you're still active in here.

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki - &Z (TV size)

Would be neat if you could take a quick glance at this set. It's still new, so a regular mod is fine if you feel like checking it out. Thanks!

Thanks in advice
i guess i'll try my luck :o

thanks in advance!
Hi, BAT request :o

Thank you!
I didn't self shoot just to enter your queue.. Not at all..
Thanks in advanced :3
No collab storyboard yet, still looking for a willing storyboarder but I don't think that's something that will change your mod, right?

i really want to your modding!!
please makes high quality to my map for your modding!
Hi Ho! :)

I'm not expecting an icon but can you mod:
Thanks! :)
I'm going out on a limb with this, but I think I'm alright to post a map here. It's a complete set, I was very careful with how I mapped every difficulty and I've done my best to make every diff interesting. I hate boring spreads.

Chase & Status ft. Jacob Banks - Alive (+8)

I know that you've suggested +12 SP, but I've been assured of some more mods to push it over that limit. If you're familiar with my maps, then you'll know that I always do my best to make everything playable and polished. Other people can vouch for that if you're not convinced.

Any kind of mod would be appreciated, as I'm always open to different opinions. If it helps, I'm trying to mod a bit more actively and I'm always open to providing guest difficulties in return (which are just as thorough as my own maps).

If the low star priority puts you off, then I'll understand if you blacklist me. Hope you can show my map some love anyway. Cheers!
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Well, I guess I will close the queue right now. I'll review all the maps once I have the time.
Artist: Crossover/Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Title: Crossover
Source: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
Tags: Crossover/Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
BPM: 200
Filesize: 3775kb
Play Time: 03:16
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I'd like to open an M4M round just for one map.

  1. ClariS - Luminous -movie MIX-

Yes, it's a Taiko/CtB mapset. And yes, I still only accept standard and Taiko maps according to the rule on the first page. And remember, I CAN'T approve Taiko maps (giving a Taiko icon or bubbling a full Taiko mapset).

But yes, that means I will definitely mod Taiko maps this round.

And yes, feel free to give a map that is not yours, as long as it's either standard or Taiko.

Please be noted, though: Modding only one mode of my mapset (remember that it has to be useful enough) means I'll only mod one mode from the mapset you requested a mod on, assuming there are both standard and Taiko mode maps in one. Choose either standard or Taiko to be modded. In case one of the two map modes get approved/given an approval icon:

  1. If the map already has a standard icon, I'll mod the Taiko diffs, but remember that I won't give any icon even though you (and BAT members capable of Taiko) think it's qualified for one.
  2. If the map already has a Taiko icon, I'll mod the standard diffs.

Things happened, and I have decided to make the map one with all four modes mapped.

Modding one mode means I'll only mod one mode of your choice, and modding two or more means I will mod standard and Taiko (in case the map that you give has both modes).

Avoid modding the osu!mania set since it's very much WIP. Actually, the other three modes are WIP too, but they're pretty much just waiting for supplementary diffs. It's up to you whether you want to mod them now or not. Feel free to mod maps of all four modes.

Go ahead!
will... mod the taiko D: :D mod for standard here

will mod yours tomorrow ._. i'm sleepy right now
Okay, done :3

My Mod: p/3748699#p3748699
My Map:

Thanks :3
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I'll go hyper mode and try to mod all four maps above today.

I'd like to remind that this M4M round is still open.
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