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Why is it that when I finish a map that I've played previously and completed it ,with a better score and accuracy, my average accuracy is going down? I've found this happening quite often so if anyone knows anything it would be greatly appreciated :)
Vuelo Eluko
you havent played enough.
The accuracy that you are concerned about is the average accuracy of all the plays which are in your top ranks, Ie your "best" plays.

So what does this mean?
If you play a beatmap which is significantly harder than the other maps on your top ranks with a high combo but low accuracy, it will factored in with all your other plays and bring down the average acc. (you can see this on your profile, you have two B's with 90% acc (

How did this happen?
When you beat your previous score and accuracy on those maps, you got a "good" enough play to be one of your best, thereby giving you pp and influencing your average acc. However, because these new plays had much worse acc than the average, the average then dropped.

How can it be fixed?
Improve your acc on those maps.

*edit removed where I started to flame Riince....
Vuelo Eluko

sanguisinvia wrote:

*edit removed where I started to flame Riince....
but why? i was right, his inconsistency is coming from having almost no plays.
the osu! gods have deemed you an unworthy player, thus they punished you by decreasing the accuracy of all your plays by 0.06%

It's better then mine ;_;
I figured this out. It definitely has to do with weighting.
Suppose an "average" accuracy of 98%, with top ranks of 80,78,76,74,72,70pp and all of them is about 98% accuracy

Now, at first you FC a song with 88% accuracy which give 68pp. Your "average" accuracy is reduced by little. (-0.05% or so)
Then, you've improved the same song to 94% accuracy which give 79pp. Because it's weighted more (95% instead of only 72%) it reduce "average" accuracy more heavily.
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Woah, that's really cool. Thanks for the info I guess I just have to work at getting better.
Appease the osu! God's by sacrificing your poor scores for superior ones.
Another little quirk of "Hit Accuracy" is that you can get a score on a completely new map with an accuracy higher than your Hit Accuracy and yet have your Hit Accuracy go down. It's caused by your new score making your high accuracy scores worth less while not impacting your low accuracy scores much and requires at least one or two of your higher pp scores to be relatively low accuracy.

Simple example with only 2 scores:

1) 50.00% accuracy, 100 pp
2) 100.00% accuracy, 50 pp
Hit Accuracy: 74.36%

If you were to then get a 75.00% accuracy 75 pp score, your Hit Accuracy would go down from 74.36% to 74.14%, even though your accuracy on your new play was higher than your initial Hit Accuracy.

You don't need a score anywhere near as drastic as 50% accuracy though. You just need your highest pp plays up to a certain point to have a weighted average less than your Hit Accuracy.
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