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Well everyone knows that osu! is a FREE game but as peppy said , "running it is most definitely not so free" (from the supporter page) . So I create this thread to help peppy thinking of new ways keep running osu! .

My idea : (My english is SO POOR , so please don't slap me and say !@#$%^&*)
1 . Before the world cups we map some new songs and put it into the mappools . After the cup we can put the music onto Bandcamp and for sale . Note that we only charge for audiophile/nerds .

2 . In the next ver. of osu!tablet peppy can install special ver. of osu! into the tablets , making it an osu!portable . Then the owner of table can bring it everywhere . to play osu! . This ver. of osu! contains osu!direct and special-featured-editor (Normal editor in osu! + GUI Taiko editor , GUI CTB editor , additional info etc.) .

3 . Making an osu!arcade with something like 段位認證 in beatmania . (thread:https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/163062&start=0)

peppy , add oil !! (Alright I don't know if the 1st "p" should be in big letter . Also this is Chinglish)
1. None of the songs in osu currently are made exclusively for the game. They are all made by other artists, the fact these songs are available in the game is amazing already. Currently if you ask for this you are selling songs you don't have any ownership rights to. That's plain stupid.

2. You do realise what kind of tablets are made right? The osu!tablet is a drawing tablet, not a portable computer, which is the other kind of tablet. So everything you said about having osu is out of the question.

3. He has created osu! Arcade in Australia, a few rolled out and usable to public at where they are located.

You really have to do your research, as well as understand what things are.....
1. Songs are not created by peppy, so He can't sell them
2. osu!tablets don't have a display
Alright I've said that my English is poor so explain it here .
About selling the music , I think someone knows music in osu! can have a band and specially make music for tournaments . If someone wants high-quality music they can buy them via bandcamp .
And the osu!tablet , recently I've bought this for my mum http://www.penpower.com.hk/product.asp?sn=148 and the handwritting "system" is inside the writing pad , so why can't osu! be packed in the osu!tablet ?
I think how osu! currently runs with the supporter tags and the merchandise is very good and doesn't require any of these things in the OP is said.
1) The number of osu! players who are capable of making music, willing to make music for tournament beatmaps, and willing to give up some portion of the profits made from selling that music is so incredibly low that it isn't even worth thinking about such a thing.

2) That isn't how tablets work.
There have been songs made for osu specifically in mind. I'm on a phone right now so I'm too lazy to look them up for you. Making exclusive versions of osu! Would be dumb.
I feel like there are enough supporters to run the game (at least in higher ranks).
Why is that even open.
I feel like I should give an official response before this is closed:

osu! is doing fine for money (not making huge profits, but it's enough to keep things running and keep me alive). I do have plans on adding more licenced music, but I don't see this as a way of increasing revenue, and would like to avoid focusing on such goals. osu! isn't and has never been about money.
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