Scatman John - Scatman [Insane]

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Say hello to RSI squared! :mrgreen:

Crazily fun map to play, and a rocking tune to play it to as well!

Great work Extor, keep them coming!
Oh man, it gets pretty crazy hey, like ~2:42! I think this is on getting close to the impossible, and I challenge anyone to complete just that section (looks cool in the editor timeline though!) And one more thing, I also found the spinner at 2:40 really short. It's really sudden, so unless you know the spinner's coming up, players will probably just miss it completely.
Your other spinners are fine I think. The one at the start is a great intro spinner, as with the end one.

Apart from that seemingly impossible section, this is a great beatmap for insane players (not me). It probably deserves a much higher difficulty rating, like 5 stars. There are some interesting beat patterns in there, and the timing is good. Some decent breaks are in place and I used the time to flex my hand/prep my mouse :P. Surprisingly, it's also not all that repetitive, probably because I was trying so hard to keep up. This is probably best played with no-fail on XD
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The problem with the stars is the fact that is mostly affected by the drain rate, size of the circles and the other slider. And to make things a bit easier with such a crazy beatmap, I left them a bit untouched. If I make this one a 5 star, I think no one will reach the end of it alive... =P

And about the spinner, it was suppossed to be longer, but 2 seconds after that comes that part you mention before, and I shortened it to prepare the player before it.

Thanks for the comments too!
Touché with the stars, I forgot that they are dependent on other settings. And after playing through your beatmap a few times, I realised that whilst the spinner is sudden, it's not actually that hard to do. My bad!
This song actually got 4 stars, which I find quite appropriate! Its quite possible to pass, but very challenging. 5 would be a map which is basically impossible and should not be attempted unless you was to risk your sanity!
Wow, in a 5:30 AM stupor, I managed to get a near full combo...

and then I accidentally clicked outside of the window on the very last spinner.
I think we've all had our bad days with that :(. I've done similar on Sakuranbo hard with a spinner at the end. Don't give up :D
Is it just me or does no one play full screen?
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

Evi wrote:

My main issue with fullscreen is that the game doesn't support resolutions as large as my screen.
You can set your resolution manually in the config file for now. I plan to add a better range of resolution options sometime, but this is an easy workaround for now :).
Sakura Igarashi
One question on this... is it possible to complete if you don't use a mouse? =/

Just asking because I noticed the 'two mouse buttons' comment. I love this song but I can never seem to tap my tablet stylus fast enough to catch those rows of notes near the end.
I think you'll have to hover over the stacked notes with your pen and use the keyboard (Z and X) to get anywhere with this song. Even most mouse users have to convert to keyboard - makes this and other similar songs (e.g. Wizards in Winter) all the more challenging!
Alternating between taps and ctrl also works - that's my preference, anyhow.
EBA 2's replacement to Jumpin' Jack Flash on Hard ROCK!!!!!
Luv this play it all the time i have B right now but i want A
You Should REALLY add normal or hard difficulty :!: :!:
Really cool map. I love it and play it all the time :P
Map is cool. v2b's taiko cool too :p

00:57:243 (3) - missnapped :\
Love the song and beatmap BUT picture of scatman john would be nice
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