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[resolved] All of my statistics were wiped and resetted.

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I not sure if this is just me, but i didn't notice it until today. i was looking at my profile and i looked at the area that said "SS" "S" and "A" and i noticed that was was missing alot of each category, i looked at my total plays and it was 40 when i know at had at least 100 or even 300+ total plays im not sure, my memory is vague. my siggy is from before all of this and it says level 44 on it. my profile says only level 14.

Is this just me or have others had this problem or is this normal?

Also, my stats are perfectly normal on my osu engine. (The stamp on the top left)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140725.10 (latest)
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lol ima retard. sorry about that. i haven't played in a while and i forgot there were tabs. -sigh- i've been a real idiot on osu lately.
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