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It´s really good, i´ve been watching it and i´d say it is worth the watch. It is better than all the ecchi and idk what shit that´s been going around. Zankyou no terror is also very good IMO.
The Winner Man
It's great but it's progressing far too quickly. Like episode 4 is already at chapter 40ish which is pretty damn fast seeing as we still have 8 more episodes.
After watching Zhankyo No Terror and Tokyo Ghoul i am still not sure after the first episodes what i like the most so far. They are pretty diffrent but i think they will beacome top 2 this season. Aand if you haven't watched Zhankyo No Terror. WATCH IT. The opeings for both great, and i am sure that they would both get top 10 on my Anime openings. :D
i'm hooked with the anime's OP,and i like the anime. it's just that the censorship's pretty annoying.i read the manga when i have time and i realized that there are parts cut in the anime. not surprised by it tho.
i really hated what they did in the anime. the manga is much better

DenisMartins wrote:

i really hated what they did in the anime. the manga is much better
Quite a bit has been skipped and in the end it just feels like its being rushed
Only watched first episode. I dont know if I watch the anime...
more cringe in this post
i cant delete the post so i have to edit them

Revy- wrote:

does Tokyo Ghoul have boobs?
the booby girl is dead.

also, the first episode is a---- you know.
it's a good anime though, i've watched until 6th for now.
well, the story is good, atleast for me.. it's a little bit disgusting first but, ha.. It's good tho.
It finally showed Kaneki wearing his mask *___*
I foking love the manga <3
Brian OA
Manga's much better but it's not so bad.
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