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FINALLY got this to a point I'm happy to release! You guys better enjoy these changes - I've put a lot of effort and thought into them :).

(+) Two new skins - PhoenixWright by Level-Up! and Noized by Fraeon.
(+) New Relax mod.
(+) Health bar recoveries added for Relax and EasyMode.
(+) Filter by ranked songs.
(+) New dialog system.
(+) New text renderer used in most parts of the game.
(+) F12 to screenshot gameplay.
(+) Maximum score/combo achievable is viewable in test mode.
(+) Main-menu tips.
(*) Over 80% improvement in video performance. If you previously had video disabled due to lag, please try it again!
(*) Updated template skin with many new skinnable elements.
(*) Editor improvements.
(*) Many many bug fixes, and a few new bugs.
(*) New completely rewritten updater.
(*) Editor menu can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts (Alt-f-a etc.).
(*) Over 60% overall improvement in performance.
(*) Reduction of startup time by 40% on first load, 90% on subsequent loads.
(*) Keyboard control in song selection drastically improved.
(*) Storyboard scripting improvements.
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