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How many hours do you spend on osu!?

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I have my own quota wherein I should spend about 8 to 12 hours a day,but thanks to school during weekdays,I only play an hour or two. I go all out playing during weekends and holidays though.
And within those hours;
50% of the time playing, 40% doing something else ,5% listening to music and 5% when spectating random people out of boredom.
i play like 30minutes - 2 hours depending on how fast my fingers get tired then come back later in the day and play another 30minutes-2 hours
[ infL ]
Few hours every few days :/
Used to play more but playing different games recently.
Maximum 1 hour per day, 3 at nights.
I usually chat instead of playing :S My playcount is very high because I retry alot, click my historical tab in my profile and laugh :)
since my registration date "about a month ago" dont know where to check exact date i have 7days 21hour and 35minutes.(knowing this because of AMD app counting time from every game installed)
Cocaine dog
Not enough
an hour a night religiously
Warning maths incoming.
(This works for ME, and these calculations may not work for you)

To begin with say that I play 2 hours every day (same days more then others so this is an average) and on weekends say 4 hours every day.
Take in mind weekends and normal days, as I am a student I have two day breaks, and less time on school days.

So an average week is around 18 hours out of 168 hours in a week. Now I add holidays. I will just call a holiday day as a weekend as its the same thing hour wise. I will use my school calendar to calculate this (nice try, you 'aint 'getting this link).
I shall start from January 1st.

In total in one school year I have: Summer Holidays/Spring Break
Holiday Days (+weekends): 12 + 19 + 10 + 13 + 15 + 8 + 16 + 31 + 9 + 14 + 9 + 17 = 173 Holidays Days
School Days: 20 + 9 + 25 + 17 + 15 + 27 + 15 + 0 + 21 + 16 + 14 + 14 = 193 School Days

On a side-note, 173 + 193 = 366 (nailed it, first try)

SO, if there are no variations in my schedule,
193 School Days * 2 Hours = 386 Hours.
173 School Days * 4 Hours = 692 Hours

386 Hours + 692 Hours = 1078 Hours.

I have played Osu! for exactly one year, this means I have put 1078 hours in to this amazing game.

-ItsTrydamere :)
P.S. Yes, I just did that.
yes,you just necroposted,good job
I've played at least 1-2 hours a day for 60 days straight, but I probably average around 3-5 hours a day and get maybe 6-12 on the weekends. This puts me at maybe 25 hours a week?


CptBlackBird wrote:

yes,you just necroposted,good job
~5-10 hours a week.
playing everyday at least a little ever since i started. sometimes numerous hours. sometimes only 1-2. but never really trying too hard for the full playtime.
I play a lot more than I should be.
Like 6-10 hours :?
okay,drum drum where are you when we need you?

CptBlackBird wrote:

okay,drum drum where are you when we need you?
I think we're done here.
Somewhere in between none and 10 hours.
drum drum

CptBlackBird wrote:

okay,drum drum where are you when we need you?
it's fine for now
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