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Hello minna-chan ^_^

I'm starting my very first modding que in hopes to help not only beginner beat mappers, but also myself to gain a better knowledge of beatmapping...

Some rules:
I'm only going to accept newb beatmaps from people who DO NOT already have a ranked map.
I'm fairly new to beatmapping myself, so all my feedback will be from a beginners perspective. I do understand a bit of the mapping logic and will help to the best of my ability.
I do work a 9-5 job, so I'll do my mods whenever I can... Please be patient.
All mods will be in ENGLISH

PLEASE look for:
Closed Open

Put "Ilfri-chan" into your request to show you've read and understood my post...

Ilfri-chan, not sure if your queue is open yet, but...


I'll take a mod. Thanks :D
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