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Porody krówek są fajne!

Artist : Mia REGINA / R3 Music Box
Song : My Sweet Maiden
Language : Japanese
Genre : Anime (DnB, drumstep or maybe wub(?)
Diff : 1
about my map : It is a map with a wide spacing of note patterns, slider art and interesting patterns. also this map is some give to 500~600pp lol
size : 10.1 mb

ty ~
Porody krówek są fajne!

Artist : K/DA
Song : POP/STARS (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns)
Language : English, Korean
Genre : K-pop
Diff : 7 but feel free to mod any as your wish
about my map : all diffs made by me, and my girls, each diff have a special mapping context :3c
size : 19 mb with video 4.6 without video

also the statement is false i guess
Porody krówek są fajne!

Artist : Tony Igy
Song : Astronomia (Laeko Cover)
Instrumental (but with some distorted English vocals)
Genre : Chill EDM/Ambient music
Number of diffs : 4 diffs (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane)
Something about my map... Uh. It was made a long time ago (2 years), but I still like it ! It was also my first attempt at making jumps
Size : 1 768 Ko How can it be so small lol

EDIT - I forgot the link lol, here it is
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Okay guys, I think I've got enough requests.

Topic Starter

~ !!! (S)EXTRA RULE !!! ~

State whether the statement is true or false. Answer with short "true" or "false".

Schwa, written as [ə], is used in the Russian language yet it is not used in common dialects of the Polish language.
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!
Not gonna break any rules, but might make you quite unhappy, so here goes! :)
Ceui - Songs Compilation (mostly tracks from her second and fourth album, with other sources referenced) Japanese Pop / Rock
Just the one difficulty, so It's not asking much. :^)
A collection of 23 snippets of Music from Ceui's discography, each song aims to be represented in it's own way, whilst still maintaining my main style, complete with cute storyboard provided by tjysunset.

Best of luck in your new role!
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!
false idk luul, Каво вообще?
Da Tweekaz -Jagermeister
genre electronic hardstyle
4 diff, maybe need add 1 more
Just meme maps What else do you need?
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

false, I think

Yamajet feat Hiura masako - sunglow
From the rhythm game crossbeat. Japanese vocals are included
3 diff the top one being 4.97 stars and they all have about 1:52 drain.
I have a little gimmick in the top diff, just a reference to crossbeat. Most buildup sections involve cross shaped patterns using NCs to make the stand out. Tiny thing but I think it's pretty cool

Kazahstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim.


1. Artist, 2. Song, 3. Source (optionally), 4. Language (or Instrumental), 5. Genre 6. How many difficulties your mapset includes and the names of difficulties, 7. Something about your map!
- HellBird -
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!
Artist - Apex
Song - inner Space
Language - Instrumental
Genre - Drum and Bass (DnB)
This map is a tribute to my favorite artist Apex, who passed away in september 2017, there aren't any ranked maps of his music and i'm working to make this the first one!

Thanks in advance
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

I could use google to find the answer, but that's no fun. I'll guess and say yes, it's true.

Song is "Summer of '69 (speed up. ver)" by Bryan Adams, it's a rock/pop rock song. The lyrics are in english. My set for this song has 6 difficulties NHIIXX, top diff is 6.09*.

Not many older songs are in osu! and this one is quite cool, so giving it some attention by mapping it.
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!
artist: tosochika
song: daga kotowaru
genre/source: MAD(nicovideo)
N* diff: 6
language: japanese
mapped mostly vocals and represented the troll side of the song at each section differently and according to the video too sometimes
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

artist: Toby Fox
song: Vs. Lancer
language: instrumental
genre: chiptune
difficulties: 5: easy, normal, hard, insane, King of Spades
something about my map: lower diffs are a little unconventional and top diff uses some interesting wide angle movement ideas

thanks a lot!
Artist: Sporty-O
Title: Let Me Hit It
Genre: Dubstep
Lenght: 31s
Number of diffs: 4 (Easy, Normal, Hard, Light Insane)

My first map going to rank :P
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim


Artist : Koji Wada
Song : re-fly
Genre : Japanese
Number of diffs : 5
About my map: This map is the first mapset i have completed in which i made all the difficulties myself (until someone wanted to gd an extra hard lol) as well as a tribute to one of my favorite childhood shows

Artist: u-Ziq
Title: Midwinter Log
Genre: Drill 'n' bass, IDM
Lenght: 6:37
Number of diffs: 1 (Winter Rush)

Going for rank so any help is appreciated!!
Ragnarok VII
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

true (i have no idea really)

Artist : Okazaki Taiiku
Song : Dare ni mo Kimi no Bouken
Genre : Anime OP
Number of diffs: 6, no need to mod taiko ones if you cant
About my map: pp farm, not even my map and vulkin is cutest
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

RIOT - Overkill which is a 5+ min Dubstep song filled with a guitar part and slutty Drops :P
Its hopefully going to be my first ranked map, it already has 12 Hypes.
my only diff is 6.7* and its a jump map with alot of Sliders.
My mapping Theory is "fun first" and this map is reflects that well
Would appreciate a mod in english

thx :3
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

and yeah, true

1. Madotsuki@
2. Ikanaide (cut ver.)
3. Metadata noted in general tab,
4. Japanese
5. J-Pop
6. 8 difficulties (too many diffs to name .>.)
7. Simple and sweet spread but not as 'farmy' as it might seem to be shown by the guest difficulties
Kazachstanki pod pałacem prezydenckim!

Artist: William Black & Matte
Title: Take Me (feat. RUNN)
Genre: Future Bass
Length: 1:25
Number of Diffs: 4

My first actual good set imo. Not really my mapping style anymore but I remember mapping the song and wanting to heavily contrast the chorus with the rest of the song.

Going for Rank #1 here, maybe.
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