[duplicate] A channel for skinners?

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So, now we have channels for specific modes. Also, mappers even have two channels for them.

How about #skinning? People could share skinning tips just like people share mapping tips on #modhelp.

This could possibly get alot more people into skinning resulting in more original content.

That's it. Hard to make a long request out of a single channel. :D
toki feet
I don't get my monthly fucking votes fuck but I currently have none but still

Ms Yuyuko
Yes please.
inb4 OsuMe comes in....
I can agree to this...... even though players are still waiting for several channels to be open such as hebrew???. This can also be an addition somewhat...
Requested and denied. t/136356

Skinning is not a topic that you can talk about whole day and there isn't a lot of active skinners. Most of them just play a little with skins.
Is it that much of a burden to add this?

Although people generally talk about this subject in #modhelp. I would suggest going there.
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I don't really see the reason for denying this, of course people would be more happy to share their tricks. Most of the people don't even visit the forums.
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