What games are your favorite game?

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Mine is Kingdom Hearts (particularly KH2)

What are yours?
COD Ghosts
Infinite Stratos 2: Ignition Hearts
Every hyperdimension neptunia game ever
Battlefeel 4
MS Paint
Final Fantasy Xiii-2 was the first Final Fantasy game where I actually knew what I was doing. Probably because of the piss easy combat system. Either way you can get lost somewhere and hit a high enough level to mash X through it while looking at pretty effects.

I'm a sucker for pretty things. 8/8
-The Pokemon series will always have a special place in my hart
- I enjoyed Spiro alot when i was kid
- God of War
- Golden Sun
- League of legends for now i guess
Kirby games and Pokemon games have been my overall favourite games, but I don't play them as often so I will make a current list.

1. Osu! - No time wasting, I can go on and just play.
2. Minecraft - I enjoy their multiple gamemodes, but I rage too often.
3. Don't Starve - Fun once you get into it, but hard to get the will after stopping.
4. Counter Strike GO - Almost never play it because of strict house rules, but when I can I can go all night.
5. Pixel Piracy - Just a fun, cartoony game.
For now :

-Cosmic Break Japan
-Seal Online Blade of Destiny
Dota 2
Counter Strike : Global Offensive
-Pokemon games (played every game from blue/red - platinum, they are a big part of my childhood)
-Final Fantasy (7 and 10 are my favourites and im playing FF XIV: A Realm Reborn right now)
-League of Legends (playing this game for such a long time now, but its still really fun and awesome! Summoner name: Shunpo :P)
-osu! (yeah, what should i say, started this game a few month ago and its really fun to play! :) its so cool,if u find out that ure getting better and better)
Critical Dude

[saturnn] wrote:

Mine is Kingdom Hearts (particularly KH2)

What are yours?
Same Kingdom Hearts is one of my favourites (mainly KH2, KH:BBS & KH3D).
And the Monster Hunter series is another (but a late favourite of mine).
Brian OA
Tales of Symphonia
P r o m i s e s
1. The Legend of Zelda series (I still own a NES, N64, Gamecube, 3DS, Wii etc just so I can play these games lol)
2. BioShock series
3. osu!
4. League of Legends
Osu, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike 1.6 and just about any good fps game.
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P r o m i s e s wrote:

1. The Legend of Zelda series (I still own a NES, N64, Gamecube, 3DS, Wii etc just so I can play these games lol)
I bought a PS2, PSP, NDS, N3DS only to play KH haha
Osu hearthstone
Diablo II
RPG horror games
Witch Mercy
LoL as of now other than osu!
1. Tera
2. Osu
3. MicroVolts
4. League of Legends
5. Hearthstone
final fantasy viii
final fantasy x
(maybe final fantasy xiv)
im in love with final fantasy games, final fantasy 8 was the only game i finished at least 7 times and still didn't get bored
[- Alex -]
Well is funny. But my favorite game is an Android game

Geometry Dash.

I also like very much osu! and LoL.
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