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Mine's Kensuke's Kingdom.

Dulcet wrote:

A lot of people suggested me teen books like Percy Jackson and Eragon, but I hate, hate teen genres in general. There is something so despicable about them I can hardly explain it.
It's pretty understandable. My mum bought me the Percy Jackson series for Christmas, so I felt obligated to read it. Main issues I had include the shoehorned in romance and, for lack of better words, the modernization of it. It's pretty derivative, as you'd expect for a series based heavily on Greek mythology, but it still feels pretty timeless if not for the arbitrary mentions of diet cola, graphic t-shirts, Gucci bags and other such anomalies. It just reeks of a middle aged author trying to be hip for the kids. I suppose another big part of the problem here is that having characters that are supposed to be very accessible and relatable to kids has the habit of making them very boring. The main characters were mostly defined by their family lives as I recall, which is a somewhat narrow thing.

I watched about 1/3 of the first movie adaptation on a whim. It was pretty insufferable. Protip to script writers: you can't base a film on a coming of age series of books and then age up the protagonists several years.
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Read the Percy Jackson series few years ago since I really like mythology but it is your typical teen novel with the same "how doesour protagonist get out of this deadly situation only to jump into the next one" plot throughout 5 books. Did enjoy the all the greek stuff though with the Titans and the story of some heros.

Dulcet wrote:

There is something so despicable about teen genres I can hardly explain it.
Let me guess:
Unreactive male and femal main characters
A happy ending
How the protagonist is a lucky bastard
Understated situations(E.g. totalitarianism in the Hunger Games)
Stereotyped villains
Illogical, choppy plotlines.
All the books in the novel series ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' there's just something in reading how my favourite characters die I find amusing.
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
The last book I remember reading was Black Hawk Down. It was either that or another book with a similar theme; Modern War.

On another note, if anyone had any good horror or adventure & fantasy books then fire them at me
i enjoyed the wicca series the most
kafka on the shore
The Night Angel Trilogy. Best ever.
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I loved the Night Angel trilogy.

Have you read Weeks' Lightbringer trilogy? If yes, any good?
Any Tom Clancy book always gets me. (if we're talking about actual literary school books)

As for manga, there's too much to choose
Steve Jobs' Biography.

Also the only book I've ever read.
Sinuhe the egyptian
the second place goes to the Harry Potter series
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