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agreed. looks like it's not likely to see the request being done after 2 years but i still have hope left :P
someone here wondered if it would be the main menu screen just behind every map. i'd personally preffer 2 individual backgrounds (just if this somehow gets added though)

mulraf wrote:

looks like it's not likely to see the request being done after 2 years but i still have hope left :P

Eh, I'd wait for osu!next before we call any of these requests "dead"

That said, osu!next is pretty much half-life 3
Yes!!!! :idea::idea::idea:

Very nice idea because i hate to play with those fucking anime/hentai backgrounds in every god damn song... :o:o:o
I thought this would be great if it was implemented. Instead of being stuck with an all black background when the dim is set to 100%, it would be nice if we could choose to see another color other than black; it provides the players with even more choices to approach the game.
I'd like this!
Seems pretty cool to me. I can see all kinds of benefits for this. Maybe you have a favorite color that is easy on your eyes, or maybe you want a background with sharp contrast to the skin you are using. Can not see a any real downside to the game play from this so I am all for it
Just found this thread looking for exacly this feature.
Osu! ppppllllsssss :):):)8-)

Edit: but the Osu!BgReplacer works also fine for me ;)
voted ^^

Spicy Salsa wrote:

Hey guys, today I came up with an idea:
How about the feature of being able to set a default beatmap background which can be enabled/disabled and would not change the beatmap itself?
It would work like a full-time 100% dim, but you get to choose what background you use.

Not everyone would use this feature, obviously, but I and surely some other players would have a better experience with that feature.
Tell me what you think about this idea ;)

Spicy Salsa
I wish playfiled.png works on non-supporters and latest version of osu
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