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This is the suggestion for a game mode that's been in a little silent corner for about four months. osu!Jump, or.. Jump, is a game mode where it takes the joys of a rhythm game and applies it to a platformer. I always wanted a game mode in osu! that incorporated a fun platforming element while enjoying your best music.

The result is osu!Jump.


You play as a character at the bottom of the screen.
She can hop with the left click. She moves with your mouse, as well. To jump, left-click the mouse. To jump higher, hold the mouse button. When you let go, she will float for you, until you want to go down. You can force her down and jump and make her jump again by another left-click. To make him stomp down without jumping, you may use a right click instead. For fast-paced gameplay, two buttons for jump and stomp each can be used. Regular notes become rectangular platforms. The end of each combo is a ring, instead. Notes can have an air collectible between them and the following note, depending on the hitsound used. The collectible can appear with a ring, as well. Spinners become a sparkle trail as the character is given a super cape and the player must try to guide the character through a sparkle trail as accurately as possible. The OD changes how difficult this trail is to catch. It can range from fairly easy to extremely hard to grab. Points for each sparkle depend on the position they hit the sparkle at. The more accurate the hit, the more points you get. Spinners can be easy to follow through but it's very hard to be perfect. The player has 10 hearts of HP. Every object and hit earns the player 1/6 of a heart back.

Collectibles give a bonus of 100 points. Rings give 500 points. Landing in the middle of the note is a 300 hit. Landing a little bit left and right is a 100 hit. the rest is a 50 hit. If the character's centre is past the edge, where the character is hung on by a few pixels, it counts as a 0 hit and attributes to a miss, but only removes half HP. The character being completely off consitutes to full HP drain. When the player gets through 10 rings, they get a ring multiplier of 1.2x, then 1.4x for 20, 1.6x for 30 and increasing by 0.2x every 10 rings. The combo also multiplies the score, and goes up for every collectable grabbed, every blocked landed on, every ring hopped through, and every slider tick walked on. The hit combo increases the score gotten through regular hits (50s, 100s, 300s) by 0.1x times the OD (OD10 = 0.1x, 0.2x, 0.3x, )D5 = 0.05x, 0.1x, 0.15x) However, while the hit combo multiplier can be lost, the ring multiplier is permanent. Missing a ring or a collectible or a part of a spinner trail will not break the combo. Spinners do not attribute to a combo.

Timing and accuracy: Although timing as a good metric of osu!, accuracy is not based off of the timing, but instead based off of getting into the horizontal center of the platform and goign through all the rings and collecting all the collectables (spinners are exempt from this) However, a miss will occur if the player fails to land on a platform with correct timing.

OD: Affects the difficulty of spinners, as well as the timing window (vertical length) of platforms.
CS: Affects the size of rings and slider paths as well as collectables and spinner trail sizes, as well as the wideness of platforms.
AR: Determines how fast the platforms approach to the player (Platforms are scaled for the timing window)
HP: Amount of health that should be taken away on missing a platform. this is HP*0.5, which means in HP10, half the healthbar is taken away. (5 hearts)

Hidden: All the objects vanish before approaching the character.
FadeIn: All the objects suddenly appear. **UNRANKED** (From Hidden)
Flashlight: Limited view around the player
HardRock: Raises all the stats of the map by 3.
DoubleTime: Multiplies the speed by 1.5x
NightCore: Uguuuuuu~ (From DoubleTime)
HalfTime: divides the speed by 1.5x
Relax: The jumper jumps by itself. You only need to move the character. **UNRANKED**
AutoPilot: The jumper moves for you, you only need to jump. **UNRANKED**
NoFail: You can't fail. No matter what.
Random: Randomizes the loctaions of all platforms and rings. Good for practice. **UNRANKED**
Auto: Watch an automated playthrough of the map. **UNRANKED**
Cinema: Watch the storyboard behind the map. **UNRANKED** (From Auto)

Here are a few pictures of a concept sketch:

Skinning elements:

Character - May be revised later for fewer frames of use. These are the sprites of the character running through the level and hopping on the blocks. a-d are run frames, e is the jumping frames.
jump-jumpera1.png - Run frame 1, left direction
jump-jumpera2.png - Run frame 1, forward-left direction
jump-jumpera5.png - ..
jump-jumperb1.png - Run frame 2, left direction
jump-jumpere5.png - Jump frame 1, right direction

Platforms - These, or hitcircles, are what the character walks on. This goes for sliders.
jump-blocktop.png - Top of the block.
jump-blockside.png - The sides of the block.
jump-blockfront.png - The front of the block.

Objects - These are collectable and the player should get these if they want to get a 100% accuracy.
jump-sliderapple.png - Apples appear on the slider instead of tics. They are unlike the other objects, as it's the only object that counts to a combo.
jump-teddybear.png - The first of four goodies. - The second of the goodies.
jump-pizza.png - The third of the goodies.
jump-money.png - The fourth of the goodies.
jump-ring.png - The special goodie. This appears instead of the last hit circle in a combo, given it's not a slider.

jump-combobg.png - Ths is the BG of the combo panel.
jump-hpbg.png - Ths is the BG of the HP panel.
jump-ringbg.png - Ths is the BG of the ring panel.
jump-scorebg.png - This is the BG of the score panel.
jump-heart6.png - The heart icon. 0-6 represents how many 1/6s it has in it.

jump-void.png - This is the area below the platforms. By default, this a transparent floor with a grid pattern to help the player keep track.
jump-scene.png - This can be used beside the void (Kind of like some grass on the sides of a river)
jump-scenery.png - This is an object that can stand on the sideline. (Like a tree on said grass)

.ini options:
- JumpComboLocation - Relocates the Combo tab by it's top right corner to the coordinates specified.
- JumpHpLocation - Same
- JumpRingsLocation - Same
- JumpScoreLocation - Same
- TileFloor - If this is set to 1, it will tile the jump-floor.png instead of stretch it to fit notes. good if you're using a graphic that isn't very nice when stretched apart or it doesn't matter, like water, wood, or grass, or a deathpit.
- JumpRunFrames - Determines how many running frames should be used. By default, this is four.
- JumpUpFrames - Determines how many jump frames should be used. By default, this is one.
- JumpDownFrames - Determines how many float/fall frames should be used. By default, this is two.


I will be more than happy to take comments, and I will be sure to edit up the original post to keep up with suggestions should they fly fine to me.
A platformer combined with rhythm is something I've never even thought of.. This sounds pretty fun.
You have my full support!
PikaGun IP
Merp, I was too lazy to read...but I'm happy both of you friends are in a bond c: :)
Trash Boat
as long as it goes with the rhythm of the music, u have my support
Ok, this sounds awesome. You have my full support!
Dat perfect drawing skillz. Take my star (シ ̄▽ ̄)シ
We are really in need of a new gamemode anyway.

You have my support.
I think this would make a cool little game mode, I'd be entertained by it for sure. It might be a mode that doesn't actually make me get motion sick as well. This game comes to mind, Harmo Knight for the 3DS:
Topic Starter
Looking at that PinkHusky, I might incorporate some of those elements. One thing is for sure, though. I am sticking to the forward-view.
There's no shortage of genres you can apply rhythm to. I have considered a similar idea to this before.

Starz0r wrote:

We are really in need of a new gamemode anyway.
The last thing we need right now is more game modes.
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It's still simply a suggestion. Doesn't mean it has to happen now. I know there's a 2382478284 more priorities than a new game mode as well. It doesn't hurt though, to get this finally out here after a long time of keeping it in me. I thought it was vastly different to what's currently with osu! so I did as much as I could on the concept (Like artwork and controlling and score and etc) And put it up, and I finally opened myself to suggestions, which is why I posted it.

I also really like how I drew the cookie.
Interesting. You have my supp. =w=)b
Awesome. :o
Shut up and take my supp!
i see you also planned out the "skinning elements", well elaborated
dat draweng skeelz


Edit: Humm... this mode can be mapped, maybe. :roll:
you have my support on this :)
Nice Idea

If it happens I will try it :3
Trash Boat
oh my... 200 stars
Kitokofox why do you always have the brightest ideas
Wished I had a star
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