is it necessary to fill a literal playfield on my map to get ranked

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was working on another map (no not digital circus map, but poppy playtime map. i take a break from digital circus map due to stress shit) and then the modder says i need to fill the entire fricking playfield (or corners). is this like necessary for ranked?

just for the note : im just old style inspired-mapper, don't expect me with doing some professionalbox aspire map, can't do that shit lol

especially if u take the question literally cause very few things are required for ranked lol

realistically though to make a good map u do need to use the playfield in an engaging way; having every pattern occupy the same space in the middle of the playfield is super monotonous
Its not necessary (as seem by sotarks here:)

But it is still highly recommended for a more interesting map and it will come naturally as you continue to get better, good luck with your maps!
never use ctrl+a to determine if your playfield usage is good

instead go thru the map and check if any part feels like stuck in a single place - its an issue p much only if you can actually notice it by just playing
ctrl+a is not accurate cuz well, you don't play all objects at the same time lol
Zelzatter Zero

that being said it's still encouraged to utilize the playfield usage to the max to keep things not restrictive to play, especially if it's not part of your gimmick
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